Triumph and Akrapovič strengthen their ties for 2024

Last October, Triumph and Akrapovič announced a new collaboration agreement by which the first would be responsible for equipping the second with specific state-of-the-art exhaust systems.

This association between Triumph and Akrapovič gains more strength for this season, since the frames of the new Offroad racing department, Triumph Racingwill also have the exclusive exclusive technology of the Slovenian firm.

Ian KimberTriumph Motorcycles Offroad Project Manager comments: “Developing a competitive racing program depends not only on the dedication of our engineers, teams and racers, but also on creating partnerships with the best companies in our industry.”

And continues: “When it comes to escapes, Akrapovič was the obvious choice. Working with Akrapovič as a development partner for our Offroad racing program ensures that we can extract the best performance from our racing engines. “Akrapovič’s history in motorsport, coupled with his incredible knowledge and commitment to the development and construction of high-performance exhaust systems, is industry-leading.”

Triumph and Akrapovič will seek to achieve great sporting achievements in 2024

The Akrapovič exhaust systems that will be used by the teams Triumph Racing They are constructed from high quality lightweight titanium alloys and will ensure optimal performance and reliability at the lowest possible weight.

Complying with FIM and AMA sound limits, the Akrapovič muffler is finished with a profiled surface for strength and durability while producing a distinctive exhaust note.

Triumph and Akrapovič strengthen their ties for 2024

In this way, the association between Triumph and Akrapovič allows the latter to work in close collaboration with Triumph Racing and its technicians to test, develop and ultimately manufacture exhaust systems for owners of the new Triumph TF 250-X.

In Offroad competitions alone, Akrapovič has won more than one hundred world championship titles in all disciplines since 2000. The brand’s exhaust systems were involved in the victory in 2023 of the titles achieved in the off-road disciplines. MXGP and MX2.

Slavko Alojz TrstenjakR&D director of Akrapovič Racing declared: “This is a fantastic collaboration to be involved in and we are delighted to have had the opportunity to work with Triumph Motorcycles. “They have a huge racing heritage and were one of the pioneers at the highest level of off-roading.”

Triumph and Akrapovič strengthen their ties for 2024

And continues: “We have been involved in the project from the early stages and would like to thank Triumph Racing for their confidence in partnering with Akrapovič to develop a completely new racing exhaust for the TF 250-X. An important role in the development of the entire bike in terms of its performance package.”

Concludes on the collaboration between Triumph and Akrapovič: “We are looking forward to seeing how the bike performs in the fiercely competitive world of motocross. It is an exciting time for everyone involved and as a company. The team Akrapovič wishes everyone in Triumph Racing “a successful debut at the highest level of motocross and supercross racing and success as a competitive force.”

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