Two CFMoto 650MTs save the life of a sick child in Argentina

A couple of paths CFMoto 650MT medicalized are the protagonists of this news in Argentina.

As we have learned, the Emergency Medical Assistance System, known as SAME, which by the way is the Argentine public system of medical care for emergencies and emergencies, both individual and collective, has gained renown for its outstanding execution of operations, its level of coordination with entities such as the Police and Firefighters. But, above all, for its effective response to urgent and emergency situations. Like the one we bring you today.

Recently, the Argentine SAME has once again staged an unprecedented event: The transport of a heart destined for a transplant in record time. But, this time, the organ has been transported by motorcycle, marking a milestone in the land of the gauchos.

This source of Argentine pride took place, as we have told you before, in the Federal Capital, where the transfer took place between 8:26 and 8:35 in the morning. But the most notable thing is that it was the first time that an organ was transported on adapted medical motorcycles.

CFMoto 650MT

The heart, which came from the tissue bank at the Garrahan Hospital in the Parque Patricios neighborhood, was immediately transplanted to a child who was already sedated at the Gutiérrez Hospital in Palermo.

For those who do not know Buenos Aires, tell you that a tour of this type would have been extremely difficult to complete with a conventional ambulance. But medicalized motorcycles became the perfect choice, due to their ability to navigate through traffic and their ability to avoid traffic jams.

CFMoto 650MT

The head of the SAME, Alberto Crescenti, explained that this operation had been carefully planned in collaboration with the Police. In addition, he thanked the chief commissioner Diego Casalo due to the presence of police motorcycles and vehicles blocking traffic, since the journey was not without danger.

Crescenti He highlighted that although a 15-minute journey had been planned, it was completed in only 9. In addition, he emphasized that this type of transfer is always carried out with the support of «two or three motorcycles and the help of a SAME helicopter» to be able to face any eventuality.

CFMoto 650MT

He also highlighted that when they were informed about the need to transport this type of fabric, they evaluated that a conventional ambulance could get stuck in traffic, while motorcycles could deftly navigate any obstacle, even cautiously climbing onto sidewalks.

«We are very satisfied. It is a very fast operation, but it is synchronized in time, and the motorcycle team is demonstrating great operability and expertise. It is not easy to drive in the traffic of the City of Buenos Airess”, he concluded Crescenti.

CFMoto 650MT

This is the CFMoto 650MT

As for the CFMotoas we stated from the headline, it is a couple of CFMoto 650MT. By the way, asphalt trails that recently joined the SAME fleet in the city. These motorcycles have a 649 cc in-line twin-cylinder engine with liquid cooling and electronic fuel injection system, capable of generating up to 60 hp at 8,750 rpm and a torque of 56 Nm at 7,000 rpm.

In addition, they feature fully adjustable suspensions on both the inverted front fork and the rear monoshock, and mount 17-inch wheels, ideal for maneuvering in urban environments.

CFMoto 650MT

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