Two options and the same philosophy

If electric mounts are your thing, the renewed ones Zero S and DS They are proposed as an interesting formula with which to make the dream of becoming part of the biker ecosystem come true.

Car users with three years of experience have direct access to these two innovative models, before the DGT approves a simple evaluation of Mandatory Basic Training.

Zero S and DS 2024 in detail

The news Zero S and DS They have a battery 14.4 kWh of capacity, which provides performance that lives up to expectations. With 11 kW maximum powercan develop up to 132 Nm of torquedeclaring a maximum speed of 139km/h.

Five pre-installed driving modes can be customized through the intuitive app NextGen of Zero and the dashboard, to adapt the behavior of the motorcycle to any situation.

Get to know the renewed Zero S and DS 2024: Two options and the same philosophy

In addition, they have premium components in their cycle part where elements such as the Showa suspensions fully adjustable, tires Pirelli Diablo Rosso III, the J.Juan brakes and the team ABS developed by Bosch and the avant-garde Cypher III+ operating system.

The Zero S and DS 2024 They offer several charging options, whether at home, at work, or at any compatible charging station. However, they offer a autonomy in the city of up to 248 km with a single full charge.

Get to know the renewed Zero S and DS 2024: Two options and the same philosophy

With a continuous power of 11 kW, in accordance with the regulations of the A1 and B license plus three years of experiencethese models are proposed as the most accessible in the Zero Motorcycles range in terms of license.

The price of the Zero S is 17,690 euroswhile The Zero DS costs 18,710 euros and both, like all Zero models, enjoy a 5-year warranty on both their components and batteries.

Get to know the renewed Zero S and DS 2024: Two options and the same philosophy

For the most seasoned Zero offers us the FXE, which is positioned as the third 11 kW Zero Motorcycles model. The FXE makes its futuristic aesthetics part of its appeal, in addition to its ease of driving, since It barely weighs 140 kilos and offers a autonomy in the city of 169 km and a maximum speed of 137km/h. Its official price starts from 14,235 euros.

Umberto UccelliManaging Director EMEA, commented: “These new models solidify Zero Motorcycles’ position as the leading electric motorcycle brand. With the A1 license or the car license with three years of experience, drivers can take advantage of an excellent price to drive an electric motorcycle with good features. “Zero Motorcycles truly has a bike for every level of rider.”

Get to know the renewed Zero S and DS 2024: Two options and the same philosophy

For more information and details about the renewed Zero S and DS 2024 or any of the other models that make up the brand’s current range, you can visit its official website or any of the authorized distributors that operate in our country.

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