Vespa celebrates the Chinese lunar new year with the epic 946 Dragon

We have just learned that the Italian company Vespa will celebrate the Lunar New Year with the presentation of one of its most exclusive models, the 946 Dragon 2024 limited edition.

Thus, we see how the year 2024 has begun in a promising way for the motorcycle industry. In fact, manufacturers have already started marketing their latest models for the season. Of course, Vespa It is not going to be left behind and, now, seeks to commemorate the Lunar New Year with a unique and striking model. Following the theme of the Year of the Dragon, Vespa has revealed the limited edition of the 946 Dragonan elegant and unique way to celebrate the Chinese New Year.

The Chinese New Year celebration has always been associated with good fortune and prosperity. And few animals in the Lunar Calendar symbolize this better than the dragon. This is the reason why Vespa 946 Dragon It comes in a subtle but striking golden tone.

Color that, by the way, is said to pay tribute to the power of this mythical creature and the prosperity it brings with it. As a matter of fact, this special edition scooter will have an exclusive celebration event today in Hong Kong, marking its global debut as a collector’s item. The exclusivity of this frame comes, first of all, due to its limited collector’s run of only 1,888 units.

Vespa 946 Dragon 2024

This is how special the Vespa 946 Dragon 2024 is

In addition to the gold hue, this bike features a vibrant emerald green dragon painted similarly to traditional Chinese dragons, evoking energy while conveying a sense of class and sophistication. Vespa claims that this scooter reflects the craftsmanship combined with modern technology that characterizes its products.

The 946 Dragon is based on the already known Vespa 946. Model that is powered by a four-valve, fuel-injected, 150 cc engine and forced air cooling. In the case of the 946 Dragonthe mechanics have been tuned to produce 11.3 hp and, in addition, it has modern features such as full LED lighting, dual-channel ABS and a modern digital instrument panel.

Vespa 946 Dragon 2024

In tune with the launch of the special edition scooter, Vespa has also presented a matching jacket, the Dragon Varsity Jacket. It’s made from ribbed wool, nappa leather and arrives decorated with an intricate dragon motif. The jacket also bears the V monogram Vespa on the front and features an emerald green dragon design similar to that of the scooter. Like the scooter, the Dragon Varsity Jacket is handmade in Italy.

Regarding prices and availability, Vespa has announced in other markets that the new 946 Dragon It will be available in March of this year with a suggested price in Europe of, mind you, neither more nor less than 12,000 euros. Without a doubt, we are faced with a clear collector’s item.

Vespa 946 Dragon 2024

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