Vmoto extends electric technology to upcoming cafe racer-style frames

Vmoto, Super Soco’s premium electric motorcycle brand, continues to shape a future range of models that, predictably, will see the light of day over the coming months and years. This is the case of the new cafe racer frames which we show you today in these images presented by the brand itself in the patent registry.

We have learned about them thanks to the colleagues at Cycle World and in them we can get an idea of ​​what the future plans of the Australian firm are. Let us remember that recently in the EICMA 2023 step, Vmoto unveiled its new APD Max concept, an electric maxi-scooter designed in collaboration with Pininfarina.

Previously, the premium Super Soco brand revealed the F01, a “high wheel” scooter that comes to compete with its 125 cc counterparts within the segment intended for owners of the current A1 or B + 3. Also the Vmoto Stash an urban motorcycle comparable to the 125 thermal engine.

Vmoto also bets on retro

Now Vmoto redirects its design team towards the retro segment, with a new model that a priori would have two well-differentiated versions. As we can see in the images, we would be looking at a naked frame, very similar to the current one. TCmaxwhich could adopt a small front fairing, further influencing that search for a classic aesthetic.

In any case, in both illustrations we can see how Vmoto It includes a round front headlight, brake discs on both axles or an inverted fork at the front. At the back there would be an independent monoshock completing the suspension section. The chassis and swingarm seem to be the same ones used by the TCmax.

The detail of using a radial rim at the front and another alloy rim at the rear wheel stands out, anchoring to the latter a toothed belt system as a means of transmission between the electric motor, located centrally, and the rear wheel itself.

VMoto extends electric technology to upcoming cafe racer-style frames

At the equipment level, it would have a flat seat for two occupants or digital instrumentation similar to that already seen in the current TCmax, which it could precisely replace or become a new model that would complement it, even with several finish versions. and equipment.

For now, the brand has not commented on the issue, so we will have to wait for this to happen to find out new details about the new café racer frames which seems to be developing.

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