VOGE SR1 test

The Loncin group has presented to the press, in a very dynamic way, its urban bet for users with the A1 license or three years of experience on the B license. The Voge SR1 (€2,787) is a 125 cc multipurpose scooter with GT aesthetics. Light and very versatile, it comes to the market to compete against scooters such as the Aprilia SR GT 125 (€3,599), the Yamaha XMAX 125, the Suzuki Burgman Street 125 EX (€3,099), the Zontes M125 (€3,789), the SYM Jet X 125 (€3,399) or the Honda PCX 125 (€3,100).

The VOGE revolution

As we already know, the Loncín Group is a specialist in manufacturing engines. After years optimizing their development, in 2018 they decided to launch the VOGE motorcycle brand on the market. A year later, in 2019, the Chinese brand landed in Europe with a range of 5 motorcycle models between 300 and 500 cc covering the naked, sports and retro segments. Today, just 4 years later, there are already 20 models available in 55 countries.

If we look at statistics, 54% of the motorcycles sold in our country belong to the scooter segment. Among them, 80% are 125 cc scooters. That is why after the revolution of the Voge SR4 Max, the Loncín Group decided to develop a scooter from scratch to compete with the sales leaders. And from there came the Voge SR1.


How much do you know about the Voge SR1?

This is how the press presentation made by Voge for the launch of the SR1 could be titled. And if their initial idea was to make an original presentation, they achieved it and in spades! As soon as you arrive, a coffee and a small snack to wait for all the press colleagues to arrive. Afterwards, a briefing on the motorcycle with all the data, news, competition… This is the theoretical part, very necessary by the way, prior to the test. Once the data is finished, the test begins. And what a test!

They divided us into three groups and in each group a scooter with a mobile phone holder. The reason? We had to tour Madrid with the Voge SR1 passing through 4 emblematic points: the 4 towers, Opera, the Prado Museum and Valdebebas (which was the photo point). In each point you had to answer 5 questions about Voge and the new SR1. The group that got the most questions right won. And without a doubt, the dynamics favored us testing the SR1 in all its splendor.


One of the novelties of the Voge SR1: its engine

The first facility offered by the Voge SR1 is its key. With the Keyless system, you don’t have to worry about which pocket you carry your key in to start its new 125 cc, liquid-cooled single-cylinder engine that delivers a power of 11.6 HP. Perfect engine for urban use with a more than notable presence in the radials. And some test units reached more than 120 km/h.

In terms of power delivery, this new engine has a very linear curve, so you will not fail to notice that “punch” in any rev range. It is a very docile engine that makes this scooter very easy. Furthermore, with a declared consumption of 2.2 l/100 (although it is true that during the test we saw the instantaneous a few tenths higher) and an 8 liter tank, in the Voge SR1 we would have a scooter with a range of more than 360 km.


Cycle part of the Voge SR1

I want to highlight its chassis, a tubular steel chassis with a tilting engine-transmission block that may sound Chinese to many of you, but which during the test offered me great stability even at high speeds on the highway.

Through the more urban sections, such as the classic Gran Vía traffic jam, its cycle part came to light. Its two brake discs of 240 mm in the front and 220 mm in the rear with dual-channel ABS do their job perfectly. And the Voge SR1 brakes very well; to such an extent that if you press hard on the front, the scooter sticks. Moment at which the ESS system or rapid flashing system is activated. This is a flashing of the rear light that indicates to the user behind you that you are performing emergency braking. A very useful element to prevent these reaches by city.


As for the suspension, it has a 31 mm double front wishbone with 93 mm travel and a double rear shock absorber with 103 mm travel. I have no problems with them, they do their job perfectly.

Chinese scooter with Italian design

Since its creation in 2018 and its subsequent arrival in Europe in 2019, Voge has been very attentive to the design of all the models in its range. In fact, for the Voge SR1 he has hired for the third time the Italian designer Massimo Zaniboni, author of the 125R and the SR4. Zaniboni has been in charge of creating, very successfully, the entire aesthetics of Voge’s first 125 cc scooter.


With Full LED lighting, Voge did not want to miss the opportunity to also give a touch of color to the scooter’s digital screen. 6” screen that has all the necessary information and even a little more: speedometer, lap counter, temperature levels and gasoline content, clock, average consumption, voltmeter, odometer… And a large number of indicator lights. In addition, the panel has a photoelectric sensor that adapts the intensity of the screen according to the outside brightness.

In terms of ergonomics, we highlight the double triangle driving position. Whether you are riding in the city or on the road, you can combine the support between the seat, handlebars and foot platform with a more closed position or by stretching your legs and resting your feet on the forward inclined platforms.


What does the Voge SR1 have that other competitors don’t?

Something that Voge have done very well is to provide the scooter with details that you do not usually find in most direct competitors and that really make a difference. Although we have already talked about details such as the ESS and the Keyless system, the gadget that makes the difference with respect to the competition is already “tested at home”. And it is nothing other than the camera, already mounted previously on the Voge3 SR4 Max and which has many followers.

Because we are not going to fool ourselves, but whether preventatively or playfully, having a camera recording in HD at all times is very practical. In addition, you can obtain the images using a free Voge app or by removing the Micro SD and inserting it into your computer.


On the other hand, as a detail worth highlighting, the Voge SR1 comes with fully disconnectable TCS traction control. Very practical to save users from some cumbersome situations in the city (especially if they are somewhat novices).

And as a detail, the USB power outlet that it has in the left glove box. Storage that accompanies the 29 liters that fit in the space under the seat. Not inconsiderable capacity but if you want to expand, you can do so by purchasing the top case sold by the brand for €50.


Colors and prices

And seeing everything that the Voge SR1 offers, the only thing left to do is choose the color among the three currently available: White, Silver or gray. Its price? €2,787 with 5 years warranty and 1 year insurance included if you are over 21 years old. Without a doubt, a great claim also for a scooter that is light in the city, stable on the road and, above all, very urban. Perfect for everyday.


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