We are one step away from the movie “I, Robot”. BMW will manufacture with humanoid robots

We just found out that bmw has established a commercial agreement with the Californian technology firm figurewith the purpose of implementing autonomous humanoid robots powered by artificial intelligence at its plant in Spartanburg, USA.

It is true that automation in production lines is nothing new. In fact, we have been seeing robots performing repetitive tasks for many years now. However, what is new and what makes this situation unique is the introduction of humanoid robots with artificial intelligence capabilities in factories. It will practically be like the movie Will SmithI robot”.

Yes, the American subsidiary of bmw has established an important partnership with figurea technology company specialized in the development and production of autonomous humanoid robots.

The goal is to deploy these robots at its manufacturing facility in Spartanburg, South Carolina. The robots of bmw They would be in charge of automating complex, dangerous and tedious tasks, allowing human employees to concentrate on other tasks that cannot be automated.

What differentiates the robots that BMW will use?

The key difference with other production robots is that these robots are not intended to perform a single task. Ultimately, Figure’s robots are expected to be able to replace workers in various tasks.

But, be careful, this advance raises important doubts, especially for the 11,000 employees of the US subsidiary of bmw.

Robot Figure

However, we are still far from witnessing the total replacement of humans on production lines. The agreement between bmw and figure focuses on identifying tasks in which robots can be used, with plans to implement them in the next 12 to 24 months in the plant.

In addition to developing versatile machines, the objective is also to verify the viability of the project and its integration in a real environment. Awesome.

Robot Figure

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