We can’t wait for it to arrive, but the new LXP Enduro Veloce looks like it will be launched now and we know things…

The future MV Agusta LXP Enduro Veloce (it seems that this is finally what it will be called commercially), will be ready for the final stages of 2024. This has been published by the colleagues of the German media Motorrad, who also anticipate that the highly anticipated Italian adventure will initially reach the market in the form of special edition LXP Orioli.

If we look back we would have to go back to EICMA 2021 to put a starting point in this whole story, when MV Agusta presented its Lucky Explorer Project brand, with two new motorcycles inspired by the Cagiva Elefant: Lucky Explorer 9.5 and 5.5.

Later, in February 2022, several international media were able to test some test examples, although the model was still in the development process. A few months later it seemed that everything was ready for its official launch, although some loose ends, at least in commercial matters, have prevented this from finally happening.

Already in 2023 we told you how MV Agusta had decided to change the name of its future ADV, changing its name to Lucky Explorer 9.5 to MV Agusta Enduro Veloce. But this does not end here, since taking advantage of the celebration of the last EICMA 2023 we knew the special edition LXP Orioli, “the tribute to a Dakar legend with a mythical decoration and a lot of technology for only 500 lucky people”.

MV Agusta LXP Orioli Limited Edition

The MV Agusta LXP Enduro Veloce closer than ever

Now, starting in 2024, it seems that these commercial names will finally be maintained and in fact it will be precisely the Orioli limited edition that will be the first to reach the brand’s dealerships, probably ahead of the next spring. Later, already in the last quarter of the year, the standard version of the model will do the same, the LXP Enduro Veloce.

Essentially it seems that there will be no significant changes in the future LXP Enduro Veloce. The propellant of three cylinders inline, whose displacement was increased to 931cc to deliver 123 HP and 102 Nm, is still part of the plans. This has internal dimensions of 81mm x 60.2mm with a set compression of 13.4:1.

MV Agusta LXP Orioli Limited Edition

In the cycle part of the LXP Enduro Veloce The double cradle chassis in high-strength multi-tubular steel stands out, with extruded and forged areas to find a better balance between rigidity and comfort depending on the terrain on which it is driven. The subframe is also made of high-strength steel and is removable, while the double-arm swingarm, made in a single piece, is made of a lightweight aluminum alloy.

The suspension is provided by a robust inverted fork and a rear monoshock with 210 mm of travel. For braking, the brand relies on 320 mm floating discs, along with Brembo Stylema four-piston brake calipers, on its front wheel. The rear will have a single 267 mm disc with a double-piston brake caliper, also made by Brembo.

MV Agusta LXP Orioli Limited Edition

Although the LXP Enduro Veloce It will mount tires in size 120/70-19 at the front and 170/60-17 at the rear, the limited Orioli version is more than likely to opt for Offroad-oriented rubber in sizes 90/90-21 at the front and 150/70-18. behind. In any case, if you want to know all the data about this special variant, you can take a look at the article where we talk about it in detail.

With a price that will start from 30,000 eurosthis MV Agusta LXP Orioli You will have special equipment that includes, among others:

  • Signature of Edi Orioli
  • Certificate of authenticity
  • Aluminum side cases
  • Termignoni titanium exhaust system
  • Hand protectors
  • Side anti-fall protections
  • Auxiliary lights
  • 236 kg in running order (240 kilos for the standard version)

MV Agusta LXP Orioli Limited Edition

Likewise in terms of electronics and equipment, this version will have:

  • 7” TFT screen
  • GPS
  • Adjustable traction control
  • cornering ABS
  • Driving modes
  • Cruise control

It is not clear whether all of the aforementioned electronic gadgets will make it to the LXP Enduro Veloce, nor what will be the final price to pay for it. To know all this we will have to wait for the brand to make a statement in the coming months, presumably after the launch of this special Orioli version of its new ADV.

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