We did not invent motorcycle tourism. Our grandparents already practiced it 60 years ago

Morini Motorcycle and the mototourism They have accompanied motorcycle fans for more than half a century. Furthermore, the history of the brand has always been linked to competition and speed, without leaving aside the touring aspect with motorcycles like the X-Cape, which includes the main characteristics and necessary benefits in a frame designed for long trips and routes. .

In short, a sample of the evolution of motorcycles and the way motorcyclists travel. Do you know how they did motorcycle tourism in the 60s and what Moto Morini has learned from it? Today we will tell you about it in this walk through time over more than six decades.

Motorcycle tourism is very topical today more than ever

Traveling by motorcycle allows you to unite different passions in a single experience. Motorcyclists who enter the world of motorcycle tourism on two wheels enjoy adventure on and off road and visit unforgettable places, all bathed in adrenaline and the feeling of freedom they feel on their mounts.

It was not until the late 80s when the mototourism, but the truth is that 20 years earlier there were already many who adopted the “road and blanket” philosophy and opened paths, never better said, for those who would come later. Since then, the evolution of motorcycles has been exponential, but to understand it we have to take a trip back in time. Let’s do it with the Moto Morini X-Cape.

We did not invent motorcycle tourism.  Our grandparents already practiced it 60 years ago

Those who ventured into the 60s and 70s They traveled the roads of Spain and Europe on motorcycles with low displacement and doubtful comfort. Motorcycles that were generally designed and designed for daily use, as was the case with the first 125 from Moto Morini, which soon evolved towards a racing profile.

The frames were practically naked, which made riders face the inclement weather more directly, in addition to reducing aerodynamics. Now, as shown X-Capetrail-cut motorcycles have fairings designed to improve this last aspect and, of course, to offer a comfortable and pleasant riding experience.

We did not invent motorcycle tourism.  Our grandparents already practiced it 60 years ago

When you talk about mototourism, it must be taken into account that motorcyclists spend many hours on their saddles, with short breaks to regain strength. Journeys of hundreds of kilometers in which they and their machines are against the world, and this, in the 60s, was more real than ever.

Nowadays, the comfort of rider and passenger is more than guaranteed thanks to wide seats and a comfortable height with respect to the ground and handlebars, something that directly clashes with the narrow and simple seats of their ancestors.

The discreet figure of the motorcycles of the time, in addition to never acting as a shield for the rider, significantly complicated the appearance of the luggage. Now, these motorcycles are sold as standard with side cases and a top case, offering unbeatable loading capacity.

We did not invent motorcycle tourism.  Our grandparents already practiced it 60 years ago

However, half a century ago, adventurers who enjoyed motorcycling had to settle for soft bags, often secured with straps and with a lot of imagination.

And with maps folded and saved in impossible ways, which have little to do with the advanced integrated navigation systems and Apps available on current motorcycles like the X-Capewhich allow users to know which path they should take, where they are and, for example, what the traffic status is on the route.

All this without counting on the electronic aids that motorcyclists can now enjoy, which result in much simpler and more intuitive driving, as well as safer. The rise in popularity of mototourism has caused manufacturers to commit to an evolution and development of specific frames for this discipline.

Also technologies designed to improve the final experience of the motorcyclist, who can now focus much more on enjoying their passion with the security of having everything under control, making motorcycling an unforgettable experience.

We did not invent motorcycle tourism.  Our grandparents already practiced it 60 years ago

How does the Moto Morini X-Cape perform in motor touring?

This medium-displacement trail, agile and accessible, is equipped with a twin-cylinder in-line engine. 649ccable to deliver 60 HP at 8,250 rpm and with a maximum torque of 54 Nm at 7,000 rpm. With a linear response that is easy to manage by the user, it offers an agile and comfortable driving experience.

Also thanks to its adjustable handlebar in three positions and its wide seat, with a height of 845mm (there is an 820 mm option). In addition, the passenger has a fairly large space and comfortable handholds to hold on to while driving.

In the cycle part, the Brembo brakes stand out, with double 298 mm diameter front discs, with two-piston axial calipers, and a 255 mm rear disc, the Marzocchi fork adjustable with 50 mm bars, the Bosch ABS 9.1disconnectable at the rear, and the monoshock, also adjustable, Kayaba.

We did not invent motorcycle tourism.  Our grandparents already practiced it 60 years ago

The Moto Morini X-CapIt is fitted with a 19″ front wheel and a 17″ rear wheel, with Pirelli Scorpion Rally STR tires as standard, perfect for both on-road and off-road riding. It has an imposing 7-inch TFT screen, which clearly offers all the information necessary for the user.

In addition, it is equipped with an integrated navigation system (via the MotoFun App), with a double USB socket, which allows you to connect several devices and even charge them, and a Bluetooth connection.

The Morini X-Cape Motorcycle can become our ideal companion, whether to perform mototourism for long distances as well as for our daily trips, combining performance and versatility. With a price that starts from 7,290 euros, can be purchased in the brand’s dealer network in our country. More information here.

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