What car is Lightning McQueen?

It may seem curious or even a joke, but it would not be unreasonable to think that the most famous car in the world Nowadays it is nothing more than a drawing on a paper or a screen. And it is because everyone knows it, the adults and the children. The golden age that animated cinema is experiencing has captivated both children and adults and one of the most appreciated movies is cars. The automobile saga has managed to captivate viewers, and they all ask themselves the same question: What car is Lightning McQueen?

The most common answer to this question is that the protagonist of Pixar films is a Chevrolet Corvette C6, but this is not entirely true. Although other characters do have a clear mirror in which to look at themselves, McQueen’s case is different. Cruz Ramirez It’s a Subaru BRZ; Luigia Fiat 500; Doc Hudson It’s a Hudson Hornet; and Miss Fritter It is the typical American school bus from the eighties. However, other cars are mixtures or are invented. This is the case of Lightning McQueen.

The best kept secret

Despite all the speculations, the creators and designers of cars always they have refused to respond to the question of what car is Lightning McQueen. They have preferred to maintain the mystery and favor theories and discussions around it.

Bob Pauler, responsible for the production design of the saga, stated that to shape Lightning McQueen they had taken parts and ideas from the designs they liked the most, “from the GT40 to the Chargers.” For his part, the screenwriter and director of the film John Lasseter He even said that, although they wanted to give the protagonist a NASCAR car appearance, the shapes of the cars competing in this competition are “flat and not too interesting.” Therefore, they had to add other features.

It is true that McQueen does not have the same structure as the Chevrolets that compete on the oval. In reality, the red ray looks more like a mix between NASCAR and Le Mans. The influence of the Corvette is nuanced by other details of the Ford GT40 and aspects of the mythical Lola.

The similarities with the Porsche 911 are also not negligible, especially in the roof area. Furthermore, the painting and decoration of the protagonist of cars It changes throughout the movies. The sponsorship of Rust-Eze It disappears in the second installment, being replaced by the logo of the Piston Cupalthough it recovers in cars 3. In addition, some other aspects such as the lights or the spoilers also undergo an evolution. Not to mention its ending, painted in a blue color, a tribute to Doc Hudson.

Its details, revealed

All Pixar films have a lot of tributes and references, such as the famous easter eggs, the hidden messages they hide in their films. The first aspect to take into account is Lightning McQueen’s own name. Although it may seem obvious that he is a reference to Steve McQueen for his automobile films such as Le Mans, the choice of that name contains another meaning. In reality, whoever takes that nickname from is Pixar animator Glenn McQueen.

In addition to the name, the protagonist is always accompanied by a number, the unmistakable 95. In 1995 it was released toy storythe first Pixar film and directed, as cars, by John Lasseter. The film about the toys that come to life was the first one the company made, and the one about the talking cars was the last one they made before being bought by Disney. The history of Pixar was summed up in that Lightning McQueen wearing the 95 of Woody and Buzz Lightyear.

In short, Lightning McQueen is a Dr. Frankenstein’s own work which, with parts from countless cars, has managed to have its own and unmistakable identity and character.

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