What does a red license plate on a car indicate?

As a general rule, when we drive on the street, the vast majority of cars we see have a license plate with a white background. However, in Spain there are other license plates based on the different situations under which a vehicle may circulate. If they are blue, it means that we are looking at a taxi or a VTC (Shared Transportation Vehicle), while If it is green or red it means that we are facing a provisional registration. Today we will focus on the latter.

For companies such as sales or dealerships, they can circulate with the unregistered vehicles (and so customers can test the vehicles), or the workshops can transport them While working on them, it is possible to obtain license plates to circulate temporarily, as long as it is for a company. These plates, red in color, are associated with some temporary permits of circulation that allow you to circulate until the final registration arrives.

There are two types of red plates:

  • For vehicles not registered in Spain, because they are new or imported used, a red license plate with the letter ā€œYā€.
  • For vehicles that are temporarily deregistered due to transmission, a red plate with a ā€œVā€.

Permission will be granted by a non-extendable period of 1 year, counted from the first day of the month following the date of its issue. To be able to circulate with the temporary business permit (red license plates), it is necessary to have a circulation bulletin book-book. Before each trip, you must fill out one of the bulletins with the information of the vehicle, driver and informing about the route and people traveling. These bulletins can be purchased at authorized license plate issuing centers and at some publishers.

What do you need to be able to access a red license plate?

Temporary registration must be done by the owner of the vehicle or any authorized person in her name. In order to request the General Directorate of Traffic (DGT), it is necessary to present the following documentation:

  • Application filled out from the official form.
  • Identification of the interested party:
    • Natural persons: official document that proves your identity and address (DNI, Spanish driving license, residence card, passport plus Foreigner Identification Number).
    • Legal entities: tax identification card and accreditation of the representation and identity of the signer.
  • Proof of having paid the corresponding fee or receipt thereof.
  • Proof of having a municipal license to open an activity establishment related to the vehicle.
  • Last receipt of payment of the Tax on Economic Activities (IAE) put up for collection, or official accreditation of carrying out this type of activity, if you are not a taxpayer of this tax. You can also authorize the DGT to carry out a telematic verification of the IAE and not present said receipt. In the case of Official Laboratories, a document proving the authorization of the activity issued by the competent body must be presented.

For the special case of permissions for extraordinary research tests or trials It will be necessary, in addition to the above, to present:

  • Proof of being in prior possession of the temporary company permit.
  • Justification of the need for the request.

Where is there to go? How much does it cost?

To obtain a temporary vehicle permit you must pay a fee worth 20.20 euros. Circulation bulletins can be purchased at authorized license plate issuing centers. To make the payment, you can do it online through the fee payment application, in person at any Headquarters or Traffic Office or in a financial institution adhered to the payment of fees. Remember that you must request an appointment online or by calling 060.

What is the most important thing to keep in mind?

As mentioned above, the temporary permit will be granted for a period of 12 months and begins counting from the first day of the month following the date of issue. Can move freely with them for a year then? No. You only have authorization to make the trips permitted by the temporary permit. It is therefore expressly prohibited to sell and deliver a vehicle for daily use with these license plates.

Also, do not forget to always carry the Temporary Permit, a Circulation Bulletin filled out by the holder of said permit for each trip, and the Technical Inspection Card in cases where it is a transfer of ownership. For those foreign cars that travel through Spain, you must also carry the corresponding temporary circulation permit from the country from which they come. Of course, driving with red license plates implies, as with any other vehicle, have contracted insurance.

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