What does the Lexus RX gain with the F Design finish?

He Lexus RX It is a true representative SUV. The Japanese firm has been marketing it for no less than five generations, with a very marked evolution since its launch in 1998. Currently it can be framed as a premium that stands out for its level of quality and also for its high electrification, since it is only available in hybrid or plug-in hybrid format. Now the new one is launching F Design finish for those who seek sportsmanship and distinction in equal measure.

To date, the Lexus RX was available in other equipment levels such as Executive, Luxury or Sport. The latest to arrive is placed at the heart of the range by offering a truly complete package. At the moment it is only available with the RX 450h+ plug-in hybrid and it has some elements in common with the F Sport on an aesthetic level. In fact, they share the grill and air intakes with black mesh, in addition to the bumper details in that same color.

And speaking of colors, there would be a total of seven body options, including Nova White and Electric Blue that were exclusive to the F Sport. There is no lack of some 21 inch wheels in black, the same as the top of the range RX 500h, with a glossy finish. Nor the exclusive F Design logo on the side of the model. Inside they also offer up to four color combinations, to choose between Black, Sepia, Hazelnut and Fromage; for the leather upholstery of it.

Ambient lighting is added to all types of systems included in the hybrid SUV. They highlight the Lexus Link with its connected navigation that helps improve efficiency and save fuel. Also all the driving aids thanks to the Lexus Safety System+ third generation.

Of the plug-in hybrid, say that it is the first time it appears that version, which is expected to be the best-selling with a combination of the 2.5-liter four-cylinder block with two electric motors, in addition to an 18.1 kWh battery. get one electric autonomy of 65 kilometers and has a power of 306 HP.

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