What happens with recharging electric motorcycles at low temperatures?

A problem that is not always talked about much is the effect of low temperatures on electric motorcycles. The world shows good growth in the use of these vehicles, but the situation is not the same in all regions. Low temperatures reduce the performance of electric motorcycles and the brilliance of its advantages are dulled.

What problems do electric motorcycles have when riding in low temperatures?

The Low temperatures expose the electric motorcycle to challenges that hinder its operation and greatly annoy users. The main problems are the following:

Low temperatures affect the performance of batteries. The entire system of chemical reactions inside the batteries slows down. The bike cannot travel the same distance on a single charge compared to warmer conditions.

  • Lower engine performance

At low temperatures the engine runs less efficiently.. Less power is produced, impairing the engine’s ability to accelerate and maintain higher speeds.

  • Tire pressure

Traction and tire pressure is another weak point of electric motorcycles in low temperature contexts. It is true that it affects any vehicle, but in electric vehicles, due to the high torque they transmit to the asphalt, it can be more pronounced.

The maneuverability and stability of the vehicle is affected. If the rubber in the tires becomes too hard, road traction will also be reduced.

  • Stoppage of mechanical components

Some mechanical parts, such as brakes and suspension systems, may experience freezing problems in extremely cold climates.

What can be done to reduce the impact of the cold on electric motorcycles?

Recharge electric motorcycles

There are some measures that allow optimizing the operation of electric motorcycles in low temperature circumstances:

  • Protect the battery from the cold

A good way to improve performance is to keep the battery warm. Simply cover it with a cover or blanket and store it in a place protected from the cold. There are battery heaterswhich are connected to it and keep it warm while the vehicle operates.

  • Tires with good pressure always

One has to pay constant attention to the tire pressure to maintain it according to the manufacturer’s recommendations. In this way, traction and stability difficulties are prevented.

  • Driving strategy

To improve the performance of the electric motorcycle in the cold, it is recommended Accelerate gently and avoid sudden braking. Constant speed is a good measure.

The drama of electric Teslas with the extreme cold in the United States

Tesla charging stations

As they tell us at insideevs.com, The press has spoken of “Tesla cemeteries” to refer to US charging stations. Endless lines of motionless electric vehicles were the result of extreme temperatures.

In Chicago, where temperatures below -20 °C were recorded, the owners were trying unsuccessfully to charge their batteries. Added to the fact that the cars saw their autonomy reduced was the problem with the rechargers. When temperatures drop below 0°C, they are not able to operate at full capacity and take much longer to reset.

Faced with such delays, many drivers had to abandon their vehicles at the stations due to their work needs, and began to look for other alternatives to reach their destination on time.

Electric vehicle manufacturers are working on specific technologies and solutions to face low temperatures. More efficient thermal management systems and materials with greater resistance to cold are designed. But, for the moment, electric users should continue to check the weather forecast before heading out, and be more cautious.

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