What the new BMW operating system will bring: games, videos and even augmented reality

In the era of digitalization, it is quite normal to see how brands’ operating systems are renewed every time, just as the vehicles themselves do. BMW has just presented several technologies, all related to infotainment in their vehicles for the coming years. As it could not be otherwise, they did it at CES, surprising many by the daring. They have decided to bet on leisure through integrated games, video platforms and even augmented reality.

With the BMW Operating System 9 You will be able to do some more things than with the previous 8.5. Thanks to the new features that are being added to the BMW ConnectedDrive store, we are seeing more and more applications available. And soon too you can play video games in an unprecedented way. With their own controls, in true Playstation style, some games such as Beach Buggy Racing 2 will be available. It will always be available when the car is stationary and with the possibility of split screen for two players or wireless connection.

It is not something completely new, since BMW has already offered video games for a long time, but they needed the smartphone as a controller and were simpler than those to come. The advantages of the brand’s Operating System 9 also include a greater video integration. On the main touch screen you can view all types of live channels and also “on demand” videos. Also available with the vehicle parked, that’s it available in many countries (including Spain). There is no news from Netflix, but there are other platforms such as Pluto TV, Bloomberg, TED or Yahoo!; with more additions to come.

Another novelty that BMW wanted to show was a technology to complement with augmented reality glasses (AR). At the moment it only works in Las Vegas on the occasion of CES, but the idea is quite interesting. With the XREAL Air 2 system, the driver can view navigation instructions, hazard warnings, entertainment content or information about charging stations projected in the real environment through which it circulates. This mixed reality also seems to be increasingly popular in the future, as many manufacturers are working on similar solutions.

They also want to integrate the Alexa LLM voice assistant thanks to its collaboration with Amazon. It has artificial intelligence to obtain much more natural responses and expand the number of functions that can be performed. Finally, the Bavarian firm has developed with Valeo a level 4 automated parking which they have called automated valet parking (AVP). In this way, the client would leave their car in the indicated area and get out so that the vehicle can find a free space and perform the parking maneuver on its own.

It would also give the option for an external agent to obtain permission to drive the vehicle remotely and you can park it through a camera system that shows live images. In short, a battery of technologies and ideas, some very close to production, that continue to make the lives of many BMW customers easier.

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