What to do if we get stuck in the snow with the car

Let’s go ahead, we want you all healthy, driving and singing happily in the cars, but with these cold temperatures in which the rooks fly low and, depending on which areas we live, a large snowfall can surprise us in the middle of the trip, in This article we will talk about what to do if we get stuck in the snow.

To do this, we resort to the guidelines that the Civil Guard has compiled for us to apply in the event that, when traveling on the road or highway, we get stuck due to snow in the middle of a storm, we will briefly explain them:

    1. First of all it is important not to advance or get nervous if the car tilts. Here you will need nerves of steel to stop the car and try to move it off the road so that the snow plows can reach us and continue their route without problems.
    2. With the car controlled and out of the way, the Civil Guard recommends that as step two lwe lick the emergency service (112) or the Civil Guard emergency telephone number (062) to notify our location and provide the necessary information to the agents.
    3. With the situation controlled it is time to mark the area. It is advisable to use the new approved V16 lights to avoid getting out of the car to signal the area.
    4. If you suspect that the exhaust pipe It may be blocked or you notice the slightest smell of smoke. Make sure the exhaust pipe is not clogged or obstructed by snow from the initial maneuvers.
    5. In reference to this part, it is recommended stay inside the vehicle, with the engine running and the heating on. To recycle the air inside, it is necessary to lower the windows to renew the accumulated air.
    6. This point is important: Do not fall sleep inside the car. Neither you nor your companions and try to stay awake and with your phone available and charged.
    7. When you can resume the journey, make sure that the windows and optical elements are clear to maintain visibility and let them see you.

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