What were the best-selling second-hand cars in 2023?

We already saw the sales figures for new cars in our country last 2023, a year in which the winners were the Dacia Sandero and the SEAT Arona, with some surprises such as the MG ZS. However, there is a market that is even more important by volume. Second-hand sales continue to be the driving force of the industry in our country and last year almost two million transactions were made, growing 2.6% compared to the previous year. Now let’s see what were the best selling second hand cars in 2023.

Sales of passenger cars remained at a total of 1,940,488 units with the slight growth that we have mentioned. The absolute protagonist was the Volkswagen Golf, a model that has topped this list for four years consecutively. It’s no surprise they sold out. 61,883 units of the popular compact. And that experienced a reduction of 2.3% compared to 2022. It was followed by another very popular model in our country, as the SEAT Ibiza sold 57,054 units in the used market, with a loss of 1.8%.

Position Model Units Variation
1 Volkswagen Golf 61,883 -23%
2 SEAT Ibiza 57,054 -1.8%
3 SEAT Leon 46,578 +0.9%
4 Renault Megane 43,051 -4.1%
5 Ford Focus 41,113 -0.1%

And if the Ibiza appeared on the list, the SEAT León also had to be there. The compact is also another fixture among the best sellers and its sales even grew by 0.9% to reach a total of 46,578 units. The Renault Megane showed a decrease of 4.1%, but still remained quite strong with its 43,051 units sold in 2023. The “top 5” was closed by the Ford Focus with 41,113 units and practically tracing their figures from the previous year. Although there are some more details of this study that are worth mentioning.

For example, the rise that the second-hand market is experiencing in smaller models. The Renault Clio and the Opel Corsa, located in sixth and eighth position, increased their sales by more than 5% and show us how they could enter the best sellers in the coming years. We must also see falls in other bodies such as sedans, since the BMW 3 Series fell by up to 7.4%. Although those who will take over the sales in the medium term it will be SUVssince they are currently the most sought after and as the years go by they will sell to a greater extent.

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