What would a Kawasaki Versys H2 be like? So spectacular!

Trail motorcycles emerged to offer users the possibility of mixed use, but for some time now the majority have been asphalt, performance has increased and thinking about a possible trail motorcycle with a compressor no longer sounds crazy. For this reason, the colleagues at Motorrad have imagined what the result would be if the Kawasaki Versys saga were joined by the H2 saga. This is how the Kawasaki Versys H2 was born and since dreaming is free, let’s get to it!

Currently, only the Japanese firm has engines with a compressor in its range, which they call “SuperCharger”. Thanks to this, the 1,000 cc engine of the H2R is capable of exceeding 300 HP, but for the Ninja H2, Z H2 and Ninja H2 SX street versions, the maximum power was 200 HP with a maximum torque of 134 .3 Nm.

Meanwhile, the Kawasaki Versys 1000 is a quieter touring motorcycle, with a solid 120 HP and a torque of 102 Nm. Figures to enjoy the road and travel with comfort, peace of mind and without worries.

But the German colleagues at Motorrad thought it wasn’t enough and decided to do a creative exercise that led them to give us an idea of ​​what the Kawasaki Versys H2 would be like.

The Kawasaki Versys H2 would have 80 HP more than the Versys 1000

The first thing, logically, would be the engine. It would be equipped with the same equipment as the Z H2 or the Ninja H2 SX, so the new Kawasaki Versys H2 would have 80 HP more than the version without the “Supercharger”. In terms of performance, the engine jump would be outrageous, as would the sensations it transmits, but it wouldn’t be all.

Although it would keep the 17-inch wheels, Motorrad imagines them a little differently than the current ones and, in addition, they include the single-sided swingarm on the rear axle and, of course, a chassis prepared for that new amount of power. With this change, logically, the dynamics of the bike would also change quite a bit.

The chassis would be different, there are also changes to the swingarm and, of course, aesthetic ones.

The last change, although it is actually the most obvious one, would be the aesthetic one. In this case they are committed to continuing to maintain the identity of the current Versys in the Kawasaki Versys H2, but they sharpen it a little more and play with new optics that end up giving it a sportier and sharper touch.

In any case, a creative exercise that catches our attention and, who knows, we will see the same thing in the coming years, although the design has its own nuances.

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