What would a street KTM RC16 V4 be like? Anything but discreet

Aerodynamics has become one of the main pillars within the two-wheeled sector and therefore, the virtual creator Kar Lee Design offers us his particular vision of what a motorcycle could be like. KTM RC16 V4 street, inspired by the MotoGP that will compete in the World Speed ​​Championship in 2024.

To do this, it has taken as reference the aerodynamic attachments used by Dani Pedrosa at Sepang, and has conveniently slotted them into what could be a KTM RC16 V4 enrollable. Furthermore, he even dares to put a date on the calendar for it to become a reality: 2025.

KTM RC16 V4 2025, fact or fiction?

Currently, KTM is in full development of what is expected to be the new RC 990 2025. In fact, in the first images that we saw of it we could already see how the Austrian firm was testing some front spoilers. The influence of RC16 and the KTM RC 8 It is notable in the aesthetics of the future sports car of the European brand.

What is not so clear is whether a model of this type would end up using a V4 engine. Everything indicates that the brand’s LC8 will be suitably “tight” to offer performance that lives up to expectations, all combined with high aerodynamic load, in the purest MotoGP style.

Now, after passing through Sepang, Dani Pedrosa has tested different aerodynamic elements in the RC16, among which a rear spoiler similar to those used in F1 stands out, and another front one integrated into its front fender. Overall, an improvement in aerodynamic load is sought, but also to achieve a higher level of cooling or a higher cornering speed.

This is where Kardesign and its endless imagination come in, offering us this rendering of a possible KTM RC16 V4 street equipped with some of the elements tested by Pedrosa in Sepang. Furthermore, he reminds us that these tests are not new at all. In 1977 Rodger Freeth’s Yamaha TZ750 already used these technical solutions.

This is the KTM RC16 V4 street car that Kardesign proposes to us for 2025

The question is obvious at this point: Will we see a KTM RC16 V4 registrable with a design similar to the one proposed by Kardesign? Could it be ready for the 2025 season? We are not fortune tellers, but taking into account the designs shown by other sports cars in the segment, it could become a reality. What do you think?

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