What would a Suzuki TL1000S look like in 2024? Kar Lee Design has the answer

At the end of the 90s, with the arrival of the first Ducati 916, a small cataclysm occurred within the high-performance sports segment. The adoption of a twin-cylinder engine instead of the characteristic “inline four” led to the birth of other models with a similar philosophy, such as the Suzuki TL1000S.

Honda would also join this party with the VTR1000 Firestone or Aprilia with its very personal RSV1000. All of them formed a small private ecosystem that the average user could access after meeting an essential requirement: have a lot of personality. No getting carried away by bar counter comments where any powerful four-cylinder model would screw you over.

The irrefutable proof of all this would be the overwhelming hegemony on the part of Ducati within the WSBK, where it would reap numerous victories and world titles with the 916, 996 and 998. Given that sometimes the argument of “big donkey, walk or not walk”.

Suzuki TL1000S 2024: Same essence and a renewed concept

Spanish proverb aside, the master of virtual rendering Kar lee Design proposes to us, from its personal website Kardesign concepts, a 2024 edition of one of those iconic twin cylinders, the Suzuki TL1000S. Furthermore, it does so following a design pattern that fully preserves the essence of the original model.

What would a Suzuki TL1000S look like in 2024?  Kar Lee Design has the answer

However, the famous designer advocates renewing the concept and using the new Suzuki GSX-8S as the basis for its development, from which the recently presented GSX-8R is also derived, lowering the performance level a little in order to turn it into a more versatile mount.

In the words of Kardesign: “I think Suzuki could build this in a day if they worked during their lunch break.”. In addition, the Japanese brand continues to have a large-displacement V engine within its current range, which is used by the V-Strom 1050 and various versions of the model.

What would a Suzuki TL1000S look like in 2024?  Kar Lee Design has the answer

Therefore, given the raw material as is the case, would Suzuki dare to recreate a TL1000S new generation? You could also go a step further and up the ante with a TL1000R… No? Dreaming is free, so let’s keep doing it while the engineers of the Japanese brand think about it.

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