What would the Toyota GR Yaris made by rally drivers be like? Here you have two answers

He Toyota GR Yaris It is a specimen with an enormous competition heritage. In fact, they say that reverse engineering has been practiced, first making the rally car and then a variant that could circulate on the open road. In addition, it has just been updated to improve in several points, including an increase in power and completing its equipment, among other things. Now they have asked their two champion rally drivers to make a configuration of this model. The results do not leave anyone indifferent.

The truth is that Sebastien Ogier no introduction needed. The Frenchman is almost a legend having won eight WRC titles and in his career. It must be said that two of them were in the Toyota Gazoo Racing World Rally Team (TGR-WRT), so he is one of its great ambassadors. On the other hand, the young Kalle Rovanperä It is one of the promises of the competition, having achieved the world title in the previous years 2022 and 2023. It has been up to them to make special editions of the GR Yaris that is derived from the one they drive.

Ogier Edition

He Toyota GR Yaris Ogier Edition receives gray color Matt Stealth on its bodywork and has the French flag in the radiator area. He opts for 18-inch black BBS wheels and blue brake calipers, while mounting a carbon fiber rear spoiler on his car. There is no lack of a series of specific details in the interior, which also has a commemorative plaque or white stitching. It is striking that it has two new driving modes: Morizo ​​and Seb. The first is to achieve the fastest times and the second to give the rear axle a little more free rein.

Rovanperä Edition

He Toyota GR Yaris Rovanperä Edition It is more faithful to the competition by using the red, black and soft colors of Gazoo Racing, with a series of matching stickers. It mounts the same 18-inch BBS wheels, although it changes the variable CFRP rear spoiler, making it even more racing. In the cabin there are blue and white details for Finland, the pilot’s country. In this case, the Earth and Asphalt modes are changed for the new ones. Donut and Kalle. The first one is clearly for doing “donuts”, something like a drift mode; while the second applies a constant speed rear differential to better exit corners.

Still the exact number is not known of copies that will be made of each of the special editions. What is clear is that the mechanics have not been modified compared to the standard one. The 1.6-liter turbocharged three-cylinder maintains its 280 HP and 390 Nm of torque. Although the new GR Yaris is offered with automatic transmission, for these models the purist six-speed intelligent manual transmission (6iMT) has been chosen.

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