Will the future Yamaha R9 look like this?

We have been hearing rumors for a long time about a future Yamaha R9, but the information has gone haywire in recent days. This latest wave of rumors started at the WSBK tests in Portimao, but now the rumors have become a confirmation that there will be a Yamaha R9 and that we will meet it before the end of the year.

Motorcyclenews colleagues were able to speak with Kervin Boss, the Tean Manager of the Yamaha Ten Kate. The connection of the Dutch team with the firm of the three crossed tuning forks is close. Although the Ten Kate brothers’ team was closely linked to Honda for decades, they now work with Yamaha and, in fact, together with Dominique Aegerter, won the 2021 and 2022 titles.

So the source cannot be closer and more reliable because, furthermore, part of its future as a structure depends on it. That said, it has also confirmed some details, such as confirming that the engine will be derived from the three-cylinder engine already used by the Yamaha MT-09.

Thus, we can now assure that the future Yamaha R9 will be, as expected, three-cylinder. What we don’t know is the performance it will have and how much it will gain in performance.

The future Yamaha R9 is already rolling in Misano

We also know, thanks to the statements of Kervin Boss, that they do not have details yet on whether the model will reach the street or will only be a racing version. What we do know is that development work for the racing bike is underway and the bike is expected to be ready this fall.

In fact, the competition model seems to have already run in Misano. From there the performance, the type of chassis, suspensions and even the aesthetics are mere speculations like the render that opens the article.

In it he shows us a version of the future Yamaha R9 in which the current line of the R saga is quite respected with a front in which we find the air intake and tiny LED headlights. Also striking are the small sides and a very clean fairing in general.

The Yamaha R6 has been one of the most successful motorcycles on the Supersport grids around the world.

We could say that if the future Yamaha R9 were as these MCN renders indicate, it would fit perfectly with what we can expect. Of course, we still have a few months ahead of us to find out.

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