Will this be the year in which 500 km/h is exceeded? Koenigsegg thinks so

For several years now there has been talk about a milestone among production cars: that of overcome the 500 km/h barrier. The truth is that this speed has already been beaten on land by several vehicles, but never by a car sold to the public. There have been several brands that have been fighting in that fight and that theoretically would be able to do so. But no one has yet arrived to prove it. This could be the year that Koenigsegg carried it out.

This was stated in a recent interview by the founder of the brand, Christian von Koenigsegg. It has coincided with the first delivery to a customer of the Jesko Absolut, which is currently its model most focused on maximum speed. When they presented it in 2020 they were already talking about a possible world record, but they have not yet been able to achieve it demonstrate in real conditions. The propulsion system is the same as that of the Jesko Attack, although it had the focus on the circuit due to its high aerodynamic load.

That means it carries the 5.0-liter twin-turbo V8 which can reach up to 1,600 HP and 1,500 Nm of torque when refueled with E85. It maintains the advanced nine-speed automatic transmission, Light Speed ‚Äč‚ÄčTransmission (LST), plus some tweaks to seek maximum speed. For example, it dispenses with the rear spoiler so that its downforce is barely 40 kg at 275 km/hhy its aerodynamic coefficient remains at 0.278 Cx thanks to the rear wings or the faired wheels.

With these modifications, Koenigsegg believes that the Jesko Absolut could exceed 500 km/h, passing in front of others like the Bugatti Chiron and its 490 km/h (theoretical) or the SSC Tuatara, which also has a mark above 500 km/h. It would also leave the Agera RS and its record of 447 km/h far behind, since it is the only one of the above with homologation as it is the average in two directions. In any case, the founder of the firm believes that there will be a record attempt in 2024 and that it will be outside of his native Sweden, in an environment that is ideal. still remains to be seen what tires are used for the challenge.

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