Yadea inaugurates the 2nd manufacturing plant in Vietnam

Yadeathe world’s leading brand in electric two-wheeled vehicles, has recently inaugurated a second manufacturing plant in Vietnam, just four years after opening its first factory in the country. An important milestone within the brand that is committed to innovation and excellence in ecological electric mobility solutions.

Located in the Tan Hung industrial park, Lang Giang, Bac Giang, this Yadea factory has represented a final reversal of the order of 100 million dollars, about 95 million euros. A surface 232,200 m²is positioned to be a production center with a annual capacity of 2 million units.

The new manufacturing plant in Vietnam will serve to supply products to neighboring countries

Rong Wenyou, general manager of Yadea Vietnam Manufacturing commented at the opening ceremony of the second manufacturing plant in Vietnam: “The new factory will serve as a two-way bridge, connecting Yadea with the global market.”

And he continues talking about this: “Our products are not only sold in Vietnam; “We also take advantage of Vietnam’s high-quality export resources to reach other Southeast Asian countries.”

Yadea inaugurates the 2nd manufacturing plant in Vietnam

He concludes by saying: “We will also export our core technologies, such as Yadea TTFAR graphene batteriessmart manufacturing and quality control, to Vietnam, with the aim of establishing Vietnam as a key overseas hub for smart manufacturing.”

For his part, Liu Jia, general director of Yadea Vietnam Marketing, commented on the manufacturing plant in Vietnam: “This factory too It will function as a research and development center for all of Southeast Asia. Approximately 30% of the products manufactured at this facility will be exported to neighboring countries of Vietnam.”

Yadea inaugurates the 2nd manufacturing plant in Vietnam

Beyond the economic implications, the new factory Yadea represents a substantial contribution to Vietnam’s dedication to environmental sustainability. Amid the global shift towards new technologies, Yadea’s emphasis on electric two-wheelers aligns perfectly with Vietnam’s ambitious goals to reduce carbon emissions and promote green transportation.

With the launch of a second manufacturing plant in Vietnam, just four years after establishing the first, Yadea shows the ambition to accelerate growth in Southeast Asia from Vietnam. The new factory marks a milestone for Yadea as we take another significant step towards globalization.

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