Yamaha bets on emotionality with the Tricera concept, an electric three-wheeler loaded with personality

Last October, on the occasion of the Japan Mobility Show 2023, YamahHe introduced us to a concepts avant-garde called Tricera. A electric and convertible tricycle that it pursues the unfiltered pleasure that comes from driving a highly responsive vehicle.

Under the motto “Exciting urban mobility: when the body, mind and machine become an organic whole”he Tricera offers us a drive full of Kando. This Japanese word refers to the simultaneous feelings of deep satisfaction and intense excitement that we experience when we find something of exceptional value.

Yamaha Tricera: Driving experience as the main objective

The brand offers us in the Tricera a design focused on the sensations that come from the rear wheel, placing special emphasis on it transmitting an unfiltered ride, similar to what we can experience at the controls of a conventional motorcycle.

With a completely open cabin, it enjoys great maneuverability, precisely due to the arrangement of its wheels and the complete rotation of each and every one of them. All of this seasoned with high doses of technology, including the possibility of selecting different driving modes, all of them focused on the functionality of its rear axle.

Although the brand has not provided technical data for now, we have to assume that the Tricera It will have a high-performance engine, based on the philosophy of the model and the promotional video that Yamaha has published on its social networks.

The Tricera will disembark in the American International Motorcycle Expo 2024 (AIMExpo) to be held February 6-8 in Las Vegas, Nevada. Other news from the Japanese firm will also arrive there, as we have been able to learn from our colleagues at Ride Apart.

Yamaha will present its futuristic Tricera concept to the public at AIMExpo 2024

Among them, the brand’s new electric mountain bike, the YDX Moro. Also some of the sports frames with which they achieved victory in different national championships this past season.

Like for example the YZF-R1 of Jake Gagnethree-time winner of the North American AMA. Likewise, the different national distributors will be present with various offers on the new range of 2024 models.

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