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Theuth was born from the united passion of its founders for all that rolls and roars. Our platform is the work of specialized journalists, savvy technicians, and of course, avid car and motorcycle enthusiasts. We are based in the United Sates, but our playground extends to the four corners of the globe thanks to our online community.

We believe that mobility is a window to the world, and that every vehicle has a story to tell. At Theuth, we decode these stories through impactful articles, exciting reports, and practical guides.

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Our mission

Our mission is twofold: to offer quality, daily, and free content to enthusiasts of two- and four-wheeled vehicles; and to create a space for dialogue where the community can exchange, learn, and be entertained. At Theuth, every user is invited to enrich the debate, share their passion, and discover a world that evolves at high speed.

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We wish you a rich and exhilarating experience on Theuth, your premier destination for news, guides, and stories from the world of vehicles. Whether you are here to learn, share, or simply explore, know that you are in the right place.


The information we share is rigorously selected for its reliability and relevance.


We place the community at the heart of our mission to make a true place for exchange and sharing.


By remaining free, we are committed to democratizing access to quality information.

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We pledge to offer up-to-date content so that you always stay at the forefront of information.