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MITT 808 Big Foot test

MITT 808 Big Foot test

Try MITT 808 Big Foot: Californian rock and roll with punch from China One of my favorite musical genres throughout my youth was always the

Prueba Honda CB650R E-Clutch

Honda CB650R E-Clutch Test

Honda CB650R E-Clutch test: Introduction, positioning and rivals of the Honda CB650R E-Clutch See if things change; The Honda CB650R E-Clutch (94 HP, €9,400) is

Prueba BMW CE 02 2024

BMW CE 02 test

BMW CE 02 test: Introduction, positioning and rivals The new one BMW CE 02 breaks with the traditional categories of motorcycle or scooter. It goes

Prueba Ariic Gemma

Try Ariic Gemma

Ariic Gemma Test: Introduction, positioning and rivals Within citizen scooters there is a subsegment reserved for superlight ones, that is, scooters whose weight is around

Prueba Husqvarna Svartpilen 801

Test Husqvarna Svartpilen 801

Try Svartpilen 801: modern, different and with good features Husqvarna recently launched its renewed Vitpilen and Svartpilen in 400 and 125 cc versions, with an

Prueba Gama scooter de QJMotor

QJMotor scooter range test

QJMotor, a different path In an environment with many more brands than before, a good strategy is essential to establish yourself in a new market.

Prueba Kove 450 Rally

Test Kove 450 Rally

Kove 450 Rally test: Introduction, positioning and rivals For the presentation of Kove as a brand and the Kove 450 Rally (42 HP, €9,499) as

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