HJC V10 helmet test

HJC V10 in perspective

They are already More than 50 years that HJC has been dedicated to developing and manufacturing motorcycle helmets of the highest range. His career has always been full of success thanks to a simple formula that includes innovative ideas and reasonable prices, combination that the markets always appreciate.

Its factories in Korea and Vietnam have the highest technology and resources: wind tunnels, laboratories for impact tests and a manufacturing and quality control capacity suitable for the highest demands. The location of its production force also allows it to maintain a convenient financial balance so that its products remain always competitive in terms of quality-price ratio.

Among its catalog as a generalist brand, we find modular helmets, jet helmets, replica helmets and high competition helmets such as its successful RPHA series. Since the end of 2022, there is also the HJC V10 that concerns us today.

HJC V10, much more than a pretty face

The HJC V10 is a helmet with neo-retro aesthetic that plays the card of attractive and classic lines, but at the same time comes loaded with technology and good technical characteristics. Although it is a classic style helmet, it has simple and unobtrusive shapes, so I would dare to say that it fits with almost any type of motorcycle.

We liked its design details, starting with the elegant brand emblem on the left side, made of brushed metal with a certain aged tone. The top and back of the helmet is very round and without protuberances so it makes it very natural and compact and improves aerodynamic performance. The front of the HJC V10 features more aggressive lines. The chin guard is rather forward and sharp and includes round vintage-style mesh vents that combine with a thick-edged screen to display a natural air but with a certain firmness.

The ventilation of the chin guard is practicable, so we can open and close it from the inside and the truth is that it works quite well. But I was much more surprised by the two small air intakes on the forehead, which open without problems with gloves and They let a lot more air flow than I expected..

On the road the HJC V10 feels balanced and offers little wind resistance, without presenting notable vibrations or turbulence. Which is very important because many users will want to use it on motorcycles that have almost no aerodynamic protection. Because of this good work against the wind, it is also surprisingly quiet. The firmness and thickness of the screen also help to give a good feeling of sound insulation.

As the season progressed, I found myself choosing the HJC V10 more and more to test bikes because of how comfortable it is, regardless of its appearance. My test unit It does not reach 1400 g being a size L and the interiors are cozy, fine and quality, made of imitation velvet and leather.

The construction of the shell is made of fiberglass and complies with the ECE R 22.06 standard that sets the standards for energy dispersion, resistance to penetration or structural integrity in the event of accidents. We also find labeling and an emergency removal system for the cheek pads. Another point in its favor in terms of security is that it has double ring closurewhich beyond taste, has always proven to be very effective.

The HJC V10 incorporates a system for removing the screen (which, by the way, is anti-scratch and comes with pin-lock included) that does not need tools and I cannot understand why they do not copy absolutely all brands From the market.

The truth is that I liked the helmet so much that I can hardly find any flaws. I think that as long as it fits aesthetically, it will do a good job. En march stands out especially in the aerodynamics, low noise and comfort. To give a negative point, I would say that a retractable solar visor is missing, but it is also true that it would add weight and complexity to a set that is very clean in design as it is.

The HJC V10 is offered in a multitude of colors and graphics and is compatible with Smart HJC, the intercom system that HJC has developed together with SENA. Its official price at the time of its launch was between €329.90 for solid colors and €369.90 for graphicsalthough it is easy to find it in stores for less than €300.

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