Yamaha MT-09 2024 test

Yamaha MT-09 2024 test: Introduction, positioning and rivals

Yamaha likes to innovate in certain segments with great successes, such as the Yamaha T-Max (2000) among scooters and some misunderstood models, such as the Yamaha BT 1100 Bulldog (2001). The Yamaha MT-09 (119 HP, €11,299) belongs to the first group. In 2013 it emerged as a novelty in the naked segment, with a different proposal than what was on the market. The CP3 engine emerged as a formidable engine in net figures, but that first generation of the MT-09 had some rough edges to iron out in terms of behavior.

The upright driving position also set it apart from the competition, while the aesthetics captivated almost all of us. The change of the front optics in the following versions were, at least, discussed; Meanwhile, the behavior of the MT-09 was refined and refined with each generation, revealing itself to be a tremendously efficient motorcycle.

Now ten years old, Yamaha presents the 4th generation to fight in the naked segment with rivals such as the Kawasaki Z900 (125 HP, €10,599), Ducati Monster (111 HP, €12,490), Triumph Street Triple 765 R (120 HP, €10,795), KTM 990 Duke (123 HP, €15,699) or the BMW F 900 R (105 HP, €9,720). The Yamaha MT-09 still retains everything good it had, but now in a beautiful package, with a lot of technology and easier to drive than ever.

Yamaha MT-09 2024 test

Yamaha MT-09 2024 test: Technical characteristics and equipment

Although it now complies with the Euro 5+ standard, the power (119 HP at 10,000 rpm) and torque (93 Nm at 7,000 rpm) figures remain unchanged. That doesn't mean there aren't changes. The intake system now has two ducts (previously three, but narrower) that connect to the top of the tank, so that, in addition to breathing better, it connects the howl of the engine at the top of the rev counter with the deepest of your soul

Yamaha MT-09 2024 test

The engine continues to be a marvel at low, medium and high revolutions in a very linear way. Yamaha places its consumption at 5 l/100 km, but reality is around 5.6 l/100 if we ride without consideration, tenth up, tenth down, depending on your condition or the conditions of the road. For a 14-liter tank, it allows a theoretical range of 250 kilometers, somewhat scarce for a Sunday outing, if you don't want to refuel.

Yamaha MT-09 2024 test

The new MT-09 is equipped with a third generation quickshift. Its operation is so perfected that it even allows you to downshift while accelerating and upshift while decelerating, all without having to use the clutch. However, if the parameters for the change are not suitable for the motor, it is protected and does not allow operation. In short, it does not allow you to “fool around.”

Yamaha MT-09 2024 test

The most obvious changes are those that enter through the eyes, starting with the new front optics, perhaps the most criticized in the second and third generations. It now focuses on a bifunctional projector-type LED front optic, flanked at the bottom by LED daytime running lights. The result is an optic that matches the rest of the motorcycle's appearance, more rectilinear than before.

The change is evident in the more angular shapes of the tank and, above all, in the new two-height seat, another novelty. In my opinion it's a bit harsh. After 100 kilometers I started thinking about him; Until then, no. Other colleagues thought it was appropriate, so it's more a matter of taste.

The driving position also changes, now loading more weight on the front wheel. The seat height has not changed (825 mm), however the grips are now lower and a little closer to the rider. Both levers are adjustable.

Yamaha MT-09 2024 test

The footpegs are further back and raised, giving the MT-09 a more traditional, sporty stance, when compared to previous versions. The brake lever is made of forged aluminum and the tip of the shift pedal has been redesigned to reduce the amount of movement the ankle must make during shifts, allowing for smoother operation.

Yamaha MT-09 2024 test

As for the cycle part, the cast aluminum chassis has not changed, but the subframe has, more harmonious in its profiles with the chassis itself (previously it was made of round tube). The brakes are still 298/245 mm, with 4-piston/single-piston radial calipers, but the pump is now a radial Brembo, which transmits magnificent feel and progressiveness.

The 41mm KYB front fork is fully adjustable in preload, compression and rebound, while the design of the rear suspension links has been modified and the dimensions changed very slightly. The standard tires are the excellent Bridgestone Battlax Hypersport S23 M; They fit like a glove.

Yamaha MT-09 2024 test

The electronics include a six-axis IMU that now includes a rear slip regulator (BSR); This offers stabilization when the rear wheel locks, due to excessive engine braking, to control the level of torque produced; It is useful in situations where it is difficult to activate the slipper clutch when, for example, grip is low.

It joins the safety systems already present in the Yamaha Ride Control (YRC), such as the lean-sensitive traction control system (TCS), the slide control system (SCS), the lift control system front wheel control (LIF) and brake control system (BC). All of these systems come predefined in their respective driving modes (Street, Sport, and Rain), to which are added two new customizable modes in which you will be the one who decides how much help you want from each of the systems, as well as the delivery power (PWR).

Yamaha MT-09 2024 test

There are two ways to communicate with the bike, also to define your preferences for the aforementioned Yamaha Ride Control (YRC). One is through a smartphone, through the MyRide app. The other is through the motorcycle's instrumentation, which debuts a truly innovative new interface.

It is a 5” TFT screen that includes the connectivity system; It allows the possibility of taking calls and listening to music through Bluetooth through an intercom connected to your helmet. Once connected, you can also use the free (no subscription required) integrated Garmin StreetCross navigation system, with two display modes.

Yamaha MT-09 2024 test

The first of them allows you to see a map in perspective like on any GPS and follow the route of the road; The problem is that the map does not occupy the entire TFT screen, since it has to be split to also show one of the 4 information presentation modes (speed, rpm, odometers, etc.). Thus, both windows are very small and it is difficult to read the smallest figures.

The second display mode is by arrows, which although it also divides the screen, is clearer to understand. If we do not use GPS, the screen is more than enough to show any of the 4 modes mentioned and all the information it contains.

Yamaha MT-09 2024 test

The menus are very intuitive, but what really represents a great improvement is the new left pineapple. It dispenses with the classic flashing control and replaces it with an asymmetrical button that you get used to in five minutes. Its touch operation is very intuitive and, as in many cars, it allows a short press (three flashes) and a long press (standard operation). Cancellation is automatic.

I thought it was brilliant, since it eliminates the usual flashing/joystick confusion without dispensing with it, which is located at the top of the pineapple; Its operation is impeccable and as logical as navigating through the on-screen menu. At the top of the pineapple there is still space for the cruise control, also with short press (increment/decrement +/-1) and long press (increment/decrement +/-10). It works from 3rd gear and above 40 km/h.

Yamaha MT-09 2024 test

Finally, Yamaha has created a series of modular accessories, including screens and grip protectors that allow some protection against the wind, as well as seats (lower or more comfortable) or luggage storage systems. Among all of them, the Akrapovic exhaust line stands out, which not only lightens the weight and performance of the MT-09, but also improves the line of the bike.

Yamaha MT-09 2024 test

Yamaha MT-09 2024 test: How the Yamaha MT-09 2024 is doing

The international presentation of the Yamaha MT-09 took place in Lanzarote, with landscapes that overwhelm the spirit. The route ran for more than 220 kilometers, which is like saying that we covered the entire island. It was just the right distance for a warehouse. At the end of the day, we refueled the motorcycles with almost 50 kilometers of autonomy ahead of us according to the on-board computer, which estimated the consumption at 5.7 l/100 in the morning and 5.6 l/100 at the end of the day.

Leaving the hotel and during the first stages of the route, I was able to see that it is very agile when changing direction at roundabouts. The wide handlebars provide a lever arm that makes the bike feel lighter than the already light 193 kg with all the filling done. The wheelbase of only 1,430 mm helps. I was also able to confirm that the Street mode is much more pleasant to drive through traffic than the Sport mode, which is too reactive at the first push of the gas and which I reserve for later.

Yamaha MT-09 2024 test

It is very easy to use cruise control, as well as read any of the 4 information presentation modes. The test unit came with the route installed and since we had a guide in front of the commando, it was more comfortable for me to do without the GPS and circulate only with the standard screen.

If I had had to find the route, I would have preferred arrow guidance, which is always more legible at first glance. Once stopped, the flashing control had caught my attention. I thought the design was brilliant because it was original. Its operation is so basic that it immediately seems more logical than the traditional system. Other brands have faced the redesign of flashing, always from a more complex perspective. Success lies in the simple, intuitive design.

Switching to Sport mode, it doesn't take long to meet up with the old acquaintance, the CP3. What an engine! Its linear elasticity allows (of course) fluid and rhythmic circulation. But soon, two factors begin to exacerbate your desire to go: the engine is linear, yes, but it hooks with determination to your request for gas and climbs the revolutions at astonishing speed. The intake noise is exciting, literally. Added to that is that it is a short and light motorcycle, that is, agile.

Soon the pilot within you takes the controls; and that is a good sign, because it is the result of the trust you feel in your command. Under gas load the motorcycle lightens the front axle to the point you want. And if you want, little horse. Wheelie as far as you want, because the wheelie adjustment determines the maximum that allows you to raise the front wheel (quite a lot/a lot/a lot). Electronics operate stealthily and efficiently; This includes the quickshifter.

Driving is limited to choosing the line, which in the case of the MT-09 is multiple, as it allows line changes (always within an order) depending on many factors. One of them is the magnificent grip of the standard Bridgestone Battlax Hypersport S23 M, as well as the setting of the fork, perfect for my taste. The shock absorber is a little dry on bumps and expansion joints, but it handles brisk service requests well. The braking is in line with the rest of the bike.

The radial brake pump provides very good feel and precision and does not falter, at least on the road, but I suspect that it will not do so either in the more than advisable forays of this motorcycle on the track, where I am sure it will give a lot of satisfaction. The new location of the footpegs allows for a lot of tilting, even more so without warning devices (they are a little long).

Yamaha MT-09 2024 test

At the end of the day I realize that I had a great time. I've always had a good time with a CP3 between my legs, but never in such an easy and fun way. The charm of good motorcycles is to further elevate the pleasure that riding a motorcycle in itself entails. The MT-09 is powerful, light, fun and is in that club.

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