Confirmed! Motorcycles will be able to circulate on the shoulder from 2025

The DGT seems that this time it could listen to the demands and requests of the motorcyclist collective, allowing these drive along the shoulder in certain circumstances, after and as reflected in the latest news that comes from the public entity.

Currently the drive along the shoulder with our motorcycle can incur a crime classified in the penal code with sanctions worth 200 euros. Something difficult to understand if we assume that the motorcycle as such can be used to decongest traffic in countless situations.

However, the regulations created around the motorcycle and its users are not usually aimed at resolving this type of situation, as we can see by just taking a look at the current law and all those articles applicable to the group. biker

Driving on the shoulder could no longer be prohibited… Finally

In the last few hours, news has emerged that riding on the shoulder of a motorcycle could become a legal activity by 2025. Of course, only under certain circumstances and when speeds do not exceed 30 km/h.

Motorcycles will be able to circulate on the shoulder from 2025

The current chapter 36 of the General Traffic Regulations will be modified, specifically regarding point 3. In any case, The rule will only be applied when, due to traffic circumstances (traffic jams and delays), it is beneficial for circulation. Furthermore, the priority of any vehicle that by law must circulate on the shoulder must always be respected.

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