We already know the price of the new Honda CBR650R and CB650R equipped with E-Clutch

In the final stages of 2023, Honda offered us the first details of its new system E-Clutchwhich the brand itself defined as “in the first automatic clutch control system for motorcycles with conventional gearbox” and that announced that it would debut in the new CBR650R and CB650R 2024.

Subsequently, as we already discussed in this detailed article, the Honda E-Clutch It takes elements from the technology and operation of quickshifters, conventional manual clutches and Honda's Dual Clutch Transmission technology to create a unique combination of these well-proven approaches.

Honda CBR650R and CB650R equipped with E-Clutch now on sale

It seems that the time has come to enjoy this type of technology on the CB650R and CBR650Rthe first Honda motorcycles available with innovative clutch technology E-Clutch.

This system eliminates the need to use the clutch lever to change or reduce gears. The driver simply has to press the selector pedal to change gear, at any engine speed and for a more sporty, efficient and fun drive.

Honda CBR650R 2024 equipped with E-Clutch

During gear shifting, a coordinated combination of “half-clutch” engagement, injection cut-off and ignition control is used to eliminate shifting jerks and achieve an ultra-smooth ride. It is also not necessary to use the clutch lever when starting from a stop or when reaching a stop.

Activating when contact is made, the system Honda E-Clutch It manages both situations smoothly and, if the driver wishes, the clutch lever can be used conventionally. If the driver wants to disengage the system during a specific journey, they can also do so from the instrument panel.

We already know the price of the new Honda CBR650R and CB650R equipped with E-Clutch

The brand announces that we can now get its new models for an official price of:

  • Honda CB650R E-Clutch: 9,400 euros
  • Honda CBR650R E-Clutch: 10,400 euros

More information and details about the new frames from the Japanese firm equipped with technology Honda E-Clutch at any of the brand's official distributors in our country or on its official website.

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