enchironado edition on an Aprilia RSV4 for going 300 km/h and hanging it

In Parla, Madrid, the National Police has arrested a motorist who had shared 4 videos on the networks in which he was driving at extreme speeds on different roads in the community.

The neuron dictated to him that, with its powerful Aprilia RSV4, could drive at more than 300 km/h on the M-50 and the Toledo highway (A-42). The other brilliant idea he had was to publish them. Well, one less crazy man behind the wheel and, besides, this one wasn’t very smart either.

This speed exceeded the permitted limit by up to three times in several sections. Obviously his hair is going to fall out. It could have caused misfortune, both for him and for the rest of the users of the roads on which he “circulated.” If someone does something crazy like this and kills themselves, those who suffer are their loved ones. Just like if you end up in “Toledo” (we all know which place I’m talking about).

But if you knock other people over, or cause them serious injuries, things change. I’m not going to write the qualifying adjective that comes to mind. But, I think it’s clear. It is also obvious that characters like this do not represent the biker community.

Aprilia RSV4

Immediately, the Central Cybercrime Unit of the National Police began to analyze the profile of the user in question, confirming the existence of up to four similar videos, all captured during the day and showing the now-arrested user dodging cars at high speeds. vertiginous

In one of the videos, the arrested person reaches 300 km/h on the M-50, passing through the Perales del Río tunnel. In another, he reaches 290 km/h in the same place. A third video showed the Aprilia at 213 km/h on the A-42, heading to Madrid from Getafe. The last video was recorded on the A-42, from Plaza Elíptica to the Center of Madrid, where it reached 280 km/h in sections of 90 km/h and 115 km/h in sections of 50 km/h.

Aprilia RSV4

In the video released by the National Police it is observed that the offender and his companions used modern 360º cameras to record themselves. In fact, in the sequence in which 300 km/h is exceeded, the camera zoom perfectly frames the speedometer of the RSV4.

In addition to doing wheelies, the vehicle was found to have bent license plates, presumably to prevent identification by radar or traffic cameras. A great classic.

Aprilia RSV4

Finally, the researchers managed to identify the social media user and link him to a motorcycle of the same make and model shown in the videos. That is, a powerful Aprilia RSV4 with 217 HP.

The arrest of the individual, a resident of Parla, did not take long and, now, he faces multiple charges related to road safety. Will he end up jailed?

Aprilia RSV4

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