F1 buys MotoGP, but what does it mean?

For a few days now, there has been an increasingly loud rumor that Liberty Media, owner of the rights to F1, was interested in buying Dorna. In fact, a few months ago Carmelo Ezpeleta himself announced that the company was for sale and now it is official: F1 buys MotoGP.

In reality, the agreement is much more complex since it is not that F1 as such buys anything. F1, like MotoGP, are championships dependent on the respective federations: FIA and FIM. In the case of motorcycles, Dorna is the owner of the exclusive rights to different championships and, among them, is MotoGP.

For its part, Liberty Media owns the rights to the other premier motorsport category: F1. But who is or are Liberty Media? In short, they are a company of American origin that is dedicated to the television rights business and that a few years ago took control of F1.

F1 buys MotoGP. Now what?

The fact that F1 buys MotoGP is the most striking news, but what does it mean? Well, let's start with the brief details of the operation that we know and that is that Liberty has acquired 86% of the shares for a business value of 4.2 billion euros, and a capital value of 3.5 billion. The remaining 14% of the capital in the business will continue to belong to Dorna's management.

When we talk about Dorna, referring again to Ezpeleta's words, we practically talk about him since the CEO, who will maintain his functions, recognized that 20% of the company's shares were distributed among Dorna workers, but he was who accumulated the most.

39% of the shares were held by Bridgepoint and the other 38% were held by a Canadian investment fund. Well, with mathematics in hand we understand that they have bought these two large amounts and, in addition, enthroned 6% of the shares that Dorna's own workers held.

With this they buy the entire company but, as we said, for the moment there will be no changes in management. Therefore, Dorna will continue to appear as the owner of the rights to MotoGP, Moto2, Moto3, World Superbike, MotoE and the FIM Women's World Championship.

MotoGP business is attractive for investors

However, rumors coming from other parts speak that in the medium term, changes in management will begin to be noticed, just as happened with F1. In fact, as far as the masses are concerned, Liberty has “worked magic” by managing to revive F1 and giving it a popularity that it did not previously have in many parts of the planet.

These plans involve, according to these same rumors, removing “Spanishness” from the championship and having drivers of more nationalities enter the championship. Perhaps it is a good formula to encourage the fans, although managing to train drivers of other nationalities, and who have the highest level to compete with the Márquez, Bagnaia, Martín, Acosta and company, will not be an easy task. Will they get it?

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