First official image of the Triumph Bonneville T120 Elvis Edition

If yesterday we told you that Triumph was preparing a Bonneville T120 Elvis Edition In tribute to the king of rock and roll, today we can show you the first teaser image that the brand itself has shown on its social networks. On it you can see the inscription “TCB” over the silhouette of a lightning bolt engraved on its front fender.

This would refer, according to Visor Down's colleagues, to a phrase that would refer to Presley's return to the stage in the late 1960s: “Taking Care of Business in a Flash” (Take care of business in an instant).

In addition, the brand has summoned all its followers for the next June 18at which time he will offer more details about this Bonneville T120 Elvis Edition.

Triumph Bonneville T120 Elvis Edition 2025: The fruit of a long relationship

At this point, the love that Presley professed for the British brand's frames is undeniable. As we told you at the end of last year, Elvis Presley found in Triumph the best gift for his friends from the Memphis Mafia. Specifically, a British brand motorcycle for each of them, a total of 9.

After finding the transaction checks signed by Elvis Presley, confirming that the King of Rock and Roll purchased Triumph motorcycles as gifts to his best friends, the brand appealed to all fans on the planet. The idea was to find the original motorcycles that Elvis Presley bought and enjoyed during the summer of 1965.

Likewise, last March, the Triumph Bonneville T120 2024 Elvis Presley Tribute, with a design dedicated to the “King of Rock and Roll” and a matching guitar, was auctioned in the US reaching a final sale price of 20,000 dollars, that is, about 18,390 euros To the change. The profits were allocated to the Elvis Presley Charitable Foundationa private foundation that works with homeless people.

The circle that surrounds the relationship between Elvis and Triumph will finally be closed with the release of this Bonneville T120 Elvis Edition along with the new T120 and T120 Black, although we still have to wait a while for that. We will see what new details the brand offers us in just a few days, although you can register here to be informed first-hand.

Triumph Elvis Presley

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