MITT GT-Max 330 2024 – Technical Data Sheet, Photos and Price

The Spanish brand MITT has unveiled its latest medium-displacement maxi scooter equipped with extra technology and accompanied by an avant-garde image, the new GT-Max 330. It also highlights its good level of quality, equipment and cost, for logical and practical mobility in which you do not have to give up anything.

Rivals of the 2024 MITT GT-Max 330

Within the category where we can include the new MITT GT-Max 330we find rivals at the level of:

MITT GT-Max 330 2024 engine

The novel GT-Max 330 It is powered by a single-cylinder engine. 276cc, liquid cooled and with four valves in the cylinder head. It is powered by an electronic injection system and associated with a CVT automatic transmission.

The brand declares a maximum power of 23.5 HP at 8,000 rpm and 25 Nm of torque at just 5,000 revolutions. All this for an approved consumption of just 3.6 l/100 kmsomething that positively influences autonomy thanks to the 12 liters capacity of your deposit.

MITT GT-Max 330 2024

Cycle part of the MITT GT-Max 330 2024

At the cycle part level, the GT-Max 330 has a tubular steel chassis as its main structure. It is joined by a suspension system equipped with a front telescopic fork and a double disc in the braking system, one per axle. The driver’s seat is located just 760 mm from the groundvery accessible for people of any height.

It has Dual channel ABS and integrate traction control, something that reinforces active safety in combination with this. In addition, it combines a 14-inch front wheel with a 13-inch rear wheel, shod with custom tires. 120/80-14 and 150/70-13.

MITT GT-Max 330 2024

Regarding total levels, the GT-Max 330 declares 2,170mm x 810mm x 1,280mm, if we talk about length, width and maximum height. The wheelbase is extended to 1,610mmwhile the declared dry weight is 145 kilograms.

Equipment and finishes of the MITT GT-Max 330 2024

Without a doubt what best defines the GT-Max 330 are its angular and modern lines, with a dynamic front, equipped with large LED luminous lines and which at the same time guarantees good protection thanks to a good-sized windscreen.

MITT GT-Max 330 2024

It has a generously sized two-height seat, with backrest for the person behind and an attractive lumbar reinforcement for the driver. It also has large handles to secure the passenger’s position.

He GT-Max 330 stands out for its extensive standard equipment with elements such as the lproximity wash with remote control, audio equipmentthe adjustable handles in four positions or the fully LED lighting. The space under the seat can accommodate two helmets.

MITT GT-Max 330 2024

It opens remotely from the central wheel where the scooter is activated and has a hydraulic system to open smoothly and a useful courtesy light. Likewise, the instrumentation combines two analog clocks as a central TFT display.

We can link our phone via Bluetooth to liven up the journey, along with your audio equipment. The sound is heard through a pair of powerful speakers located on the rear shield and is controlled from a display and a button panel located just below the handlebar. A practical bag hook is located in front of the pilot and there is also a glove box on the left side.

MITT GT-Max 330 2024

Colors of the MITT GT-Max 330 2024

The new GT-Max 330 is offered for release in two distinct color schemes:

Price of the MITT GT-Max 330 2024

The brand announces a starting price of 4,495 euros, including free insurance for the first year. More information on the official MITT website or at any of the authorized distributors of the Spanish firm.

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