Thinking about riding your baby on a motorcycle? Then you must know the “RevZilla EZ Rider Child Seat”

If you have been thinking for a while about the idea of ​​how to set up your baby on motorcycleperhaps the video that the guys from RevZilla have published on their YouTube channel showing us the excellence of their “RevZilla EZ Rider Child Seat”, can serve as a guide. We already told you that at first it doesn't seem like a very good idea.

Would you put your baby in a specific motorcycle seat?

In any case, throughout the more than 35 minutes that the filming lasts, we can see how they dare to face different routes and adventures on the back of different mounts, always with the baby on board, whether sitting in front or behind. in one of the special seats that they sell on their own website.

To add extra interest to the video, they end up carrying out a “Crash Test” to check the safety offered by these baby seats. They can't think of anything other than to plunge one of the Offroad motorcycles they use in the test over a ravine with separate seats anchored in front and behind and on them the baby-shaped models they use throughout the video.

Finally, we advise you to access the advertisement for the “RevZilla EZ Rider Child Seat” that they themselves have published on their official website for motorcycle accessories and equipment. There it appears that both references are currently sold out, but we can enjoy the description of the product and the comments about it that are published at the bottom.

We leave you some of them so you can have a laugh:

  • “I'm 6 months old and I love riding in the back with dad! No more babysitting and many more laps in Laguna :)”
  • “My son fell, but the EZ-Rider seat stayed nice and secure to the bike. So I guess it's a 50-50 review for me.”
  • “I can finally take my kids to daycare without having to listen to kidz bop. “Worth every penny.”

PS: Everything you have read and the scenes recorded in the RevZilla video are pure fiction. The babies used in each of the tests are NOT real. You cannot purchase the “RevZilla EZ Rider Child Seat”, it is an advertising claim.

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