This Vespa GT 200 is now Turbo and oozes aluminum. Python Lair Design is the author of the nonsense

It is obvious, in this turbo preparation there is quite little of the Vespa GT 200 from 2003 used as a source. In fact, the Italian base is almost not even seen in the Vespail Garagista” by Python Lair Design, Texas.

During this radical metamorphosis, the power of his 20 HP standard has been catapulted exponentially thanks to the boost of a turbo. Adam Eldridge, Under the banner of his firm, Python Lair Design, he meticulously forged the chassis, body and side panels, using newly molded aluminum. But let's go step by step. Let us begin.

Adam Eldridge, the skilled craftsman behind this stunning transformation, resides in Austin, Texas. And as we mentioned in the entry, the recipient of this mechanical feat is Guido DeVitawho resides in the same Texas city.

But although both are enormously satisfied and proud of their creation, both Eldridge and DeVita They have maintained a jealous secrecy regarding the financial details of their collaboration. In fact, the power increase and weight reduction of this project have been kept under lock and key.

Of course, the final price of this creation remains hidden under a veil of impenetrable secrecy. They simply don't want to talk about it… We sense a lot of zeros in this operation.

Vespa GT 200 Turbo by Python Lair Design

The Vespanow renamed «il Garagista» by express request of its owner, it serves as a spectacular business card for both Eldridge as for DeVitaprojecting his ingenuity and skill, at first locally and now internationally.

This machine has undergone such a radical metamorphosis that its Italian origin is barely recognizable under the new aluminum coverings. Equipped with a 198 cc single-cylinder four-stroke engine and at least 20 HP of power, this Vespaone of its kind, is now in a completely new and, above all, exciting category.

Vespa GT 200 Turbo by Python Lair Design

Secrets of the Vespa GT 200 Turbo by Python Lair Design

Eldridge faced significant challenges in this complex transformation, especially when integrating an exhaust gas turbocharger. Adapt this system to the peculiar design of the Vespa It required ingenuity and dedication, solved through aerospace solutions such as flexible hoses and advanced technology conduits.

To manage the power, Eldridge Not only did he improve the chassis, but he built a completely new one out of aluminum. The frame design was inspired by high-performance vehicles, reflecting an aerodynamic and elegant aesthetic. Using cutting-edge design tools such as SolidWorks, Eldridge meticulously created the new aluminum body, incorporating components from renowned brands such as bitube, Frando and Pirelli.

Vespa GT 200 Turbo by Python Lair Design

Additional details, such as the classic handlebar-recessed marker and Motogadget switches, enhance the stylistic appeal of this creation. Eldridge deliberately opted for a compound brake system with a pedal instead of a manual lever, demonstrating a meticulousness worthy of mention.

As we never tire of telling you, the effort invested in this project has been monumental, both in terms of time and financial resources, although the exact details of this investment have not yet been revealed by the astute Texan businessmen.

Vespa GT 200 Turbo by Python Lair Design

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