This would be the range of models for the A2 and 500 cc license that BMW could be developing

Rumors that BMW Motorrad could be preparing a new range of models for the A2 license They get stronger and stronger. On the other hand, totally understandable if we take into account the current functioning of the motorcycle sector globally. This is governed by the idea, completely correct, of having the maximum possible offer within the ranges of each brand.

To achieve this, as we have already seen in the past, common platforms are created for the development of different models. In addition, the various levels of displacement and power are covered, within the various segments that make up the current panorama of the motorcycle.

At this point we have to take a look at the range that currently makes up the offer that the German manufacturer offers us and in it we can see that there is no intermediate step between the current 310 and 750 models, although the latter are BMW Motorrad It only has the F 750 GS.

The next step would be the brand's new frames in versions 800 and 900, which are a long way away, performance-wise and economically speaking, from the access range of the Bavarian firm. And this is where more than likely new range of models for the A2 license from BMW.

This would be the range of models for the A2 license that BMW Motorrad could be developing

New range of models for the A2 license: When and what we can expect

The rumor has emerged after the last interview that Markus Flasch, current general director of the brand, gave to Motorrad Online in which he commented on this issue: “There is a lot of movement in the market, especially in the classes above 310. That's exactly where we are, I won't say anything more.”

Now we have to ask ourselves which of its Asian partners BMW has turned to if it is already in the middle of the development process of its new range of models for the A2 license. On the one hand we have Loncin, which also already has an engine equipped with the essential characteristics that the platform used by the Germans should have.

This would be the range of models for the A2 license that BMW Motorrad could be developing

The current Vogue 525equip an engine 494 cc inline twin which offers a final power of 47.6 HP and a maximum torque of 44.5 Nm. On the other hand, there would be TVS, although this last option seems less likely, since the Indian firm currently only has small displacement options in its offer.

Having said all this, and guided by the designs presented by virtual artist Kar Lee last 2022, we can get an idea of ​​what type of frames would make up a possible range of models for the BMW A2 license. We would surely find GS, F, R or XR versions equipped with this 500 cc twin-cylinder platform.

This would be the range of models for the A2 license that BMW Motorrad could be developing

Finally, we must ask ourselves what would be the ideal time to make all or a good part of these new developments known to the public. In this regard and taking into account that BMW Motorrad has announced its return to EICMA 2024, the Milanese event could be a good starting point for the brand's new projects.

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