1998 Triumph Daytona 1200 SE

I am particularly passionate about Triumph motorcycles from the end of the last century, including the beautiful Daytona 1200 SE from 1998 that we show you today in this section. A special and limited edition of which Only 250 copies were manufacturedall of them numbered with a commemorative plate anchored to the stem.

The story goes that at the beginning of the 90s, most brands signed an agreement to limit their most sporty mounts to 125 HP of power. However, Triumph chose not to go through the motions and marketed its 1993 Daytona in a Full Power version. This translated into 147 HP at 9,500 rpm and 260 km/h.

With it, the British firm was not seeking to develop the fastest motorcycle on the planet. However, its usable range at low and medium speeds was overwhelming, managing to beat the almighty ZZR1100 in the 40 to 100 mph range. If we add to all this such a personal line, even more representative in this SE version, we can assure, without fear of being wrong, that we are above all an icon of the brand.

1998 Triumph Daytona 1200 SE in detail

Now, thanks to the friends of Bike Urious we have discovered for sale one of the 250 units that were manufactured of this Daytona 1200 SE. Specifically, we are talking about the 248 and as explained in the advertisement, it is probably the only copy of this special edition for sale in the US.

Dream bikes for sale: 1998 Triumph Daytona 1200 SE

The Daytona 1200 SE, was launched on the market in 1998, just after announcing the end of production of the model after six seasons in the brand's catalogue. This special, limited edition stands out for its black color scheme with gold graphics.

In addition, it also has an identification plate with the model number and 6-piston brake calipers inherited from the Daytona Super III. The unit in question being sold is associated with the VIN: SMTTC354CRX071684 and currently has 54,299 miles on its odometer.

Dream bikes for sale: 1998 Triumph Daytona 1200 SE

It appears to have had one previous owner and is currently registered in Fenton, Missouri. The advertisement details that she mounts Michelin radial tires and also specifies that:

“If you are looking for a rare European motorcycle that is not a BMW, you should take a look at this Triumph motorcycle”. Draw your own conclusions from the seller's subliminal message. Currently, the maximum bid is $2,275, but the minimum reserve price has not yet been reached. More details and images here.

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