The incredible process of turning an MX-5 into the next Lancia Spider

Ok, it's a render, but the final result is very top. And here, first and foremost we have to mention the author of this transformation, a YouTuber called “Theottle” for having shared this incredible process of converting the object of desire called MX-5 into a simulation of what could be the next Lancia Spider inspired by the Aurelia B24 convertible.

The new generation of the Lancia Ypsilon has begun the long-awaited rebirth of the Italian brand, which will continue with the crossover Gamma in 2026 and the Delta hatchback in 2028. However, the most die-hard Lancia fans can't help but imagine the return of sportier models, such as the Stratos, Fulvia or Aurelia Spider. The latter is precisely what the render artist, Theophilus Chin, presents to us in his video. What do you think.

The design of the future Lancia Spider

In the absence of a suitable rear-wheel drive platform in the Stellantis product line for such a creation, Chin has been inspired by the Mazda MX-5 ND and adding certain touches from the now discontinued Fiat 124 Spider. The digital artist has also taken the new Lancia Ypsilon design language to apply it to the roadster in a very successful attempt to imagine what a modern Lancia Ypsilon Spider would look like.

The rear It is probably the most attractive, with its round LED taillights and an integrated spoiler. The glossy black crossover-style fenders borrowed from the Lancia Ypsilon aren't the most ideal for a low-profile roadster, but in this case they match the mirrors and windshield frame perfectly. In the front ofwe find the new illuminated grill Calice with split LED headlights mounted in the corner of the long hood. Finally, the render is crowned with an equally attractive retractable top.

The reference to Lancia's past

The Lancia Aurelia B24 Spider The original debuted in 1954 and was treated as a masterpiece of Italian engineering and design. This iconic roadster represented the distinctive elegance and style of Lancia in the 1950s. Two years later, in 1956a slightly improved version known as Aurelia B24 Convertible, which featured subtle modifications to its exterior design to enhance its visual appeal and performance. Both two-door variants of the Aurelia were produced in limited quantities, which makes them true collector's pieces. The exclusivity and heritage associated with these models make them highly coveted by classic car treasure hunters and collectors around the world. Any surviving example that is in impeccable condition represents a true gem of the motorsport world, and its value in today's market is considerably high.

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