Audi could collect cable and eliminate its confusing nomenclature

It was in 2017 when Audi started to mess us up with a new way of calling your vehicles. It changed the traditional “cubic size + engine type” for a numbering that grouped the models by their power level in kilowatts (kW). The truth is that almost seven years have passed and many users are still not clear about this system. Therefore, the brand of the four rings could collect cable and eliminate its confusing nomenclature for the coming years. The trigger has been a recent model and the growing electrification in the range.

With the launch of the Audi Q6 e-tronthe denominations were not seen on the trunk lid. They were also not seen in the update of the Q8 e-tron, although the 50 and 55 continue to appear in both to differentiate their power levels. In a recent interview with Florian Hauser, director of product sales and marketing for the brand, the goal is make life easier for customers. That is why they are carrying out a simplification process when configuring their vehicles and also when designating them.

With the electrification is reducing the number of versions there are of each model. Before, in combustion engines, we saw around three or four versions of each fuel, which caused problems for the customer. An Audi A4 had a 30 TDI, a 35 TDI and a 40 TDI; all of them with the same diesel block in different powers. The same for gasoline, adding 35 TFSI, 40 TFSI and 45 TFSI. Thus many times it was unclear what the user was buying, since the power levels were the only thing that differentiated one from the other.

With the Audi Q6 e-tron it has been seen that, at the moment, there is only one “normal” version and an S6 e-tron which is the sports variant. We could have a system that has the simplified name for the access version, adding the S for those with a sporty touch and leaving the Performance name (or RS in gasoline) for the top of the range. It is still for see what happens with the combustion ones and its more extensive ranges, but it would be a matter of time before the change.

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