A British dealer puts the iconic NR750 and RC45 back on sale as fresh from the factory

Few motorcycles today represent a halo of exclusivity as marked as that possessed by the Honda NR750 and the RVF750 RC45. Two truly iconic frames that, from time to time, we can find in the form of a specimen for sale on some specialized portal, generally from auctions or official dealers.

What is extremely rare is that one of the latter owns a copy of each of the models within its offer, and if this were not enough that in both cases they have traveled barely 100 miles throughout their 30-year history. This is the case of the NR750 and the RC45 that are currently on sale in Farnham Hondabased in Surrey.

We discovered them thanks to our colleagues at MCN and later, after looking at the advertisements that the British dealer has published for each of them, we have only been able to do one thing: drool. Among other things because both are in practically impeccable condition.

Honda NR750 and the RVF750 RC45 in detail

The first of them has an associated peculiarity, in addition to its low mileage and condition. It is one of only 20 copies that were marketed in France (other sources cite 34 copies). If we add to this that its odometer only registers 129 miles, just 207 kilometersyou can get an idea of ​​the value that this copy of NR750.

In the announcement itself it is explained that: “It was recently put back into service and runs smoothly and beautifully. Included in the sale, you will also receive an NR branded gift box that includes a solid silver oval piston keychain, owner's manual, owner's card, two keys, a Honda kickstand, and an original unbuilt Tamiya model of the NR750.”

Its price is 115,000 pounds of nothing (see the irony) about 134,000 euros at the exchange rate current. I laugh at those who say that money does not buy happiness. He won't give it, but can you be happier than with a Honda NR750 in the garage? The answer is yes, if by keeping him company we have a RVF750 RC45 like the one that is also for sale at the same dealership.

The latter is even more peculiar, at least in terms of kilometers traveled. The advertisement specifies that this example only has 95 miles, 152 kilometers, probably one of the newest RC45s in existence today. The advertisement for the sale of this relic explains that:

“The bike has recently undergone a thorough tune-up process and now runs exceptionally smoothly and beautifully. The sale of this bike includes not only the bike itself, but also the original owner's manual, service book, both keys and an original Honda stand.”

Two Honda icons from the nineties on sale at a British dealer: NR750 and RC45 inside

We are talking about money again, the damn money, since to be able to enjoy this Old School in almost NOS (New Old Stock) condition we will have to shell out 65,000 pounds, almost 76,000 euros current.

30So, at this point, if you are in a position to get your hands on any of these wonders, you can visit the official website of this British dealership, which also has other truly unique jewels.

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