A Ducati Panigale V4S at 367 km/h on the road: Fact or fiction?

A while ago the YouTube channel Bikers World published the video that we bring you below and in which a Ducati Panigale V4S starts from a standstill until the ignition is cut off in sixth gear.

Along the way and after going from gear to gear, it reaches an extraordinary 367 kilometers per hour. A real madness summarized in less than 30 seconds in a section that appears to be a highway, but in which we see how there are different people along the route, so we want to believe that it was closed to traffic.

The fact is that the question on our minds is whether this could be real or not, and since we do not have the possibility of testing a Panigale V4S in an airport to verify it, we have searched for data and there are those who had done it with the V4R. Visordown's colleagues reached 190 mph, that is, 305 kilometers per hour. A not inconsiderable figure for a motorcycle that you can buy and take for a ride.

Therefore, the first answer that comes to mind is that it is unlikely to be true. But, of course, no one has told us that the bike is strictly standard and although it doesn't sound like a turbo, it can have different engine and electronic modifications that give it extra power.

If the Panigale V4S is modified it could achieve it, but there are more options

In fact, looking at the video, at the beginning it does not go over 8,000 rpm before engaging second gear, and it seems to take a little effort even when the second gear is engaged to gain revs. Although when it reaches the top of the rev counter, it lets out all its anger and at two hundred kilometers per hour the front wheel comes off the ground before shifting into third gear.

In fourth gear it is already close to 300, which it reaches in fifth gear where it rises (always talking about the marker speed) to the threshold of 330 and from there sixth until the end of the video with 367 kilometers per hour.

Therefore, in addition to the fact that it may be mechanically modified, what is certain is that the development has been changed and there are two options. It may have been lengthened to achieve a higher top speed and the speedometer data is more or less real. Or there may be a shorter gear change and hence the speed it shows (and which is usually calculated by a sensor on the drive pinion), has been altered.

In any case, after watching the video several times and trying to draw our own conclusions, we are left with doubts. And you do you think?

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