What happens if you have an accident and have not passed the MOT?

You already know that the ITV has to be up to date, that you must always have passed the ITV before the expiration date, that there are no extra days once the deadline is passed and that it is not legal to drive without it in force. You also know (or you should) that motorcycles pass their first MOT at four years, mopeds at three, and every two thereafter.

But what can happen to us if we have an accident with our motorcycle (or another vehicle) and we have not passed the MOT? Well, as AMV Seguros reminds us, the consequences can be very varied and will depend on several factors, including the insurer we have and its clauses, or how we are involved in the accident.

What you do have to be clear about in advance is that if you are stopped without having the ITV in order, the fine ranges from 200 euros if it has expired or you have passed it and is unfavorable, up to 500 if it is negative.

And now, once we have been warned of what happens when “everything went well” and you have only been stopped at a checkpoint and you get the fine, we are going to get serious and talk about the consequences of being involved in an accident.

Have I had an accident and haven't passed the MOT? Does insurance cover me?

Well, you have to clarify what it means for the insurance to cover you or not. It depends on our insurer and the policy we have with its conditions. But it also depends on the type of accident, how we are part of it and the types of damages we have covered.

Thus, there are many insurers that do not cover their own damages if they have been contracted if the ITV is not in force. As AMV reminds us, there are sections that tell us in certain policies that: “the events caused by the poor condition of the motorcycle in those cases in which, at the time of an accident, it did not have the ITV in force”.

Insurance may include clauses that make us responsible
If we talk about accidents with third parties, understanding that the companions are also accidents, the insurance will take care of the material and personal damages that the accident could cause if we were to blame, since this part is covered by the Civil Liability Insurance. . Of course, later, the insurer could even claim our own medical expenses.

But what if we are not responsible? In that case, it will be the opponent's insurance that will bear the costs. Of course, if for some reason the police or Civil Guard had to intervene in the accident, upon realizing that we do not have the ITV in force, the fine would be insurmountable. The same would happen in the previous cases, of course.

So now you know, always keep in mind the deadline to pass the ITV and you will avoid possible problems.

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