A man is run over 376 times by an Indian

Pandit Dhayagude, a rather tough Indian, with a mustache and residing in Mumbai, has just achieved the most absurd Guinness record (possibly) in terms of motorcycles. Neither short nor lazy, he Mr. Dhayagude has let several Indian Scout pass over it 376 times.

What doesn't happen over me more than 300 times? Hold my fennand” (drink made from coconut and fermented cashew juice). By the way, she already tried that a while ago and only got them to walk over him 121 times.

This is the record of Pandit Dhayagude

For most people, being hit by a car is an unwanted experience and, in general, possibly something that should be avoided at all costs. But it doesn't stop Pandit Dhayagude. Although countless Indian philosophical theories are well written in Sanskrit, this one has possibly been overlooked. Well, possibly not. Sure.

This man felt that being run over just once was not enough. Instead, he sought to break the record of being hit by motorcycles on the most successive occasions. So it was. Total, Dhayagude was run over on 376 consecutive occasions, by paths, brand new and heavy Indianto enter history, breaking one of the strangest records we have ever known.

indian guinness record

Now, this event was obviously an organized and very well planned event. Enough for an official Guinness World Records judge to show up and call the event a valid record. And it is probably possible to assume that from that moment on security measures were implemented to avoid the disaster.

As can be seen in the video of the feat, he had a ramp to raise and lower the motorcycles above his chest, which in a way took a little weight off him. But still, they literally walked over this Indian's chest 376 times.

indian guinness record

Not one more, not one less. Furthermore, the motorcycle used was not a 50 cc motorcycle. As we have told you on several occasions, the one chosen for the feat was a Scout. A large motorcycle that, in addition, is among the heaviest motorcycles on the market today with nothing more and nothing less than 256kg motorcycle

indian guinness record

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