A smart way to acquire our future helmet

Shoeiin its constant interest in improving the service it offers to fans, presents «Ride & Test», a new alternative for its customers related to the purchase of motorcycle helmets and other related safety equipment.

Instead of simply relying on online reviews or a seller's recommendation, this service allows us to test the helmet in real situations before making a purchasing decision.

«Ride & Test»: Designed by and for the fan

The premise is simple, but effective: the points of sale that offer «Ride & Test» They provide customers with a helmet so they can wear it for a set period of time. This can range from a short walk around the facility to longer use in real-world conditions, such as a commute or a walk around town.

The goal is to give customers a clear idea of ​​how the helmet feels, its comfort, ventilation, noise level, fit and other key features. At the brand's official dealers, sales advisors, who typically have experience and knowledge of motorcycle equipment, guide customers in selecting a helmet that meets their needs and preferences.

Once a model is chosen, the customer receives the helmet to try it out. During the trial period, the customer can experience how the helmet fits into their daily routine and evaluate important aspects such as visibility, aerodynamics and comfort.

This is crucial because often a helmet can look perfect in the store, but have issues during prolonged use. By having the opportunity to test the helmet in a real-world environment, customers can make informed decisions, reducing the likelihood of later regrets or returns.

Service "Ride & Test" from Shoei: A smart way to acquire our future helmet

At the end of the trial period, the customer returns to the store to return the helmet and, if satisfied, can proceed to purchase the same model or a different one depending on their experience throughout the process. «Ride & Test».

If the helmet doesn't meet your expectations, you can explore other options without pressure or commitment. In short, the service «Ride & Test» represents a customer-centric approach, allowing consumers to have a more informed and satisfying shopping experience.

By giving them the opportunity to try before they buy, outlets are demonstrating their commitment to customer satisfaction and promoting the safety and well-being of motorcyclists. The Shoei points of sale that offer this service today are:

Service "Ride & Test" from Shoei: A smart way to acquire our future helmet

  • Motorraiz (Valencia)
  • Flandro Motorcycles and Albacar Cycles (Zaragoza)
  • A Saco (Seville)
  • Fabregues Moto (Tarragona)
  • Garrido Motorcycles (Málaga)

More information and details about the service «Ride & Test» from Shoei at any of the authorized distributors mentioned above or on the brand's official website in our country, where we can also find out about its current range of 2024 products.

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