A student is caught at 147 km/h during a driving license class. With the limit at 80!

We go to French Brittany to discover a curious story when it comes to getting your driving license. Although in France there are some peculiar laws in this regard for the 125, for example, when it comes down to it there are not many differences. And among those non-differences is the fact that speed limits must be respected.

When we have obtained our driving license, special emphasis is placed on it in the theoretical classes, and you have to learn the speed limits of each type of road and even for different types of vehicles. Then, when you are already in the internship, the teacher is always aware because, in fact, he is the one who is responsible in every way for the student.

Well, we don't know exactly how it happened in this case, but what we do know is that while some gendarmes were carrying out a routine speed check, the radar almost blew up. Suddenly the radar read 147 km/h in a section limited to 80, a speed difference that in Spain would get you into trouble.

He is left without a driving license… without either of them

So they proceeded to intercept the motorcycle driver, and that was when the surprise came: he was preparing to get his motorcycle driving license, the A specifically. In this case, the protagonist of the story was in possession of the A2, so he already had experience. Perhaps that overconfidence was what led to committing such recklessness.

The gendarmes were surprised to see that the user was a student

You might be wondering where the instructor was. Well, he appeared later because he had also lost sight of the student. In fact, he admitted that he had called out the student on several occasions for his excesses.

Even so, the story has a really happy ending and that is that this individual not only did not get the A, but the gendarmes also withdrew his A2 on the spot. We assume that next time he will listen to the teacher and the speed limits.

Happy drivers

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