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Anything that involves improving the safety of our mount is always a success. Now, with the new Polini For Race brake pads The Italian brand offers us the possibility of having a high-performance accessory thanks to the attention to detail and the maximum reliability they offer, both for use on the road and on the track.

These brake shoes ForRace, “100% Made in Italy”are available in different models specially designed to adapt to a wide range of motorcycles, including mopeds, scooters and Vespas of different displacements and powers.

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Polini For Race brake pads: Main features

  • Maximum braking power: Thanks to their advanced design, Polini brake shoes offer greater braking power than the original ones thanks to a specially prepared friction compound.
  • Reliability without compromise: the quality of the materials and the precision of the manufacturing guarantee constant performance even in the most extreme conditions.
  • Versatility: Polini For Race brake shoes are designed to fit a wide range of vehicles and applications.

Polini adds extra security with its For Race brake shoes

Polini For Race braking shoes: references

  • 176.0128/R Ø150X24: 16.50 euros + VAT
  • 176.0151/R Ø90X18: 15.50 euros + VAT
  • 176.0152/R Ø105X20: 16.50 euros + VAT
  • 176.0159/R Ø150X24: 17.90 euros + VAT
  • 176.0162/R Ø125X17: 17.90 euros + VAT
  • 176.0187/R Ø135X16: 8.90 euros + VAT
  • 176.0300/R Ø140X25: 18.80 euros + VAT
  • 176.0304/R Ø110X25: 19.70 euros + VAT
  • 176.1200/R Ø110X25: 19.70 euros + VAT
  • 176.1205/R Ø110X25: 19.70 euros + VAT
  • 176.1241/R Ø80X18: 19.70 euros + VAT
  • 176.1284/R Ø110X25: 17.00 euros + VAT

For more information and details about the new Polini For Race braking shoes You can consult the official website of the brand or visit any of the distributors with which Polini collaborates in our country.

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