Americans know how to do more than just customs. The Janus Gryffin 450 is a beautiful Scrambler made in the USA

It seems that the Janus Gryffin 450 Scrambler Yankee is about to come to the fore. And, without a doubt, it marks a considerable departure from the typical American formula when it comes to handmade motorcycles. It is without a doubt, a beauty outside its European comfort zone.

Since its inception in 2011, Janus has been forging its path in the heart of the American Midwest, delivering its first batch of motorcycles in 2013. Its specialty lies in motorcycles with a retro aesthetic, with modest and simple engines, which, in the past at least, came from manufacturers Chinese. Now it is Italian, but with Chinese reminiscences.

Like any other manufacturer, Janus It also uses a catalog to purchase components such as lights, brakes and wheels. But much of the bike is built from scratch in Indiana, which is also where final assembly takes place.

Some time ago they presented the Gryffin 250 Scrambler. Now they continue the saga with the new Gryffin 450 Scrambler. At first glance it might seem like another exercise in style, designed only for walking around the city. However, it has components that fall outside that range of use. Like, for example, the two rear shock absorbers with 140 mm of travel, which equal the travel of the front fork.

Janus Gryffin 450 Scrambler

Although the brand’s claims about “Industrial quality components and careful selection of materials» do not suggest amazing performance. Janus ensures that your motorcycle weighs itself 149kgwhich makes us change this perception.

Secrets of the Janus Gryffin 450 Scrambler

According to Janusthis motorcycle is «ultralight«, «built for offroad and “fully customizable«. The lack of fairing means that modifying its appearance is easy… as is working on it.

Janus Gryffin 450 Scrambler

The design of the Janus 450 Gryffin shows that the company seeks to evoke times gone by. It has a set of 21-inch wheels at the front and 18 at the rear, which maximizes its performance in the countryside, desert, or whatever lies ahead.

The engine, supplied by the Italians of SWMderives from the design of the XR400 of Sling. This block was updated by the Chinese parent company of SWMthat is to say, Shineray, incorporating fuel injection into the equation. expected to deliver 30 HP at 7,500 rpm.

Janus Gryffin 450 Scrambler

Brembo supplies the brake calipers, while Icon provides the front and rear shock absorbers. Owning a handcrafted motorcycle in the United States is a privilege, regardless of how many horses it has. By the way, the portfolio of Janus It is more expensive than similar machines from larger companies.

Production of the new Gryffin 450 begins in July 2024. But for those who already pre-order, they will automatically receive the First Edition equipment package, which includes a serial number plate, a special edition competition plate, custom engraved components, coins and other commemorative items . The selling price for the first edition models is 12,500 euros.

Janus Gryffin 450 Scrambler

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