Where do the cars that are imported to Spain come from?

The truth is that one of the ways to save when buying a second-hand car is to do so by importing a unit from abroad. It is also applicable in another way, to obtain more exclusive vehicles that are not sold in our country. The fact is that it is a somewhat tedious process that requires time and money, but it can be interesting in some cases. Now let’s review the origin of the cars that are imported to Spain, where do they really come from?

Because of popular culture it is easy to think that Germany would be in the lead from this list. The German country is the largest producer in Europe and many premium vehicles come from there. That makes the second-hand market larger than ours and we already know what happens when supply is greater than demand. Indeed, 39.1% of imported cars To Spain in 2023 they came from Germany according to a recent study carried out by CarVertical, being the most popular country for this action by far.

Yes, too must take into account another variable. Of all the vehicles brought from Germany, it was detected that 22.8% had suffered some type of damage or impact in the past. Not to mention that 3.4% had their odometers altered to make them look less used. The fact is that you have to review the offers carefully and be hesitant in the face of unrealistic big bargains. Continuing with imports, the second country from which the most cars come is France, which represents 19.6% of the total. In their case, the mileage alteration data are similar and the damage was present in 41.2% of the cars.

More worrying is in Belgium, third country on the import list with 13.6%. From there, it was detected that 57.6% of the cars had damage records and up to 8.3% of the total had suffered manipulations in the odometer. The top-5 closes with Italy and its 11.4% of imported vehicles and with Romania, which takes 5%. The study emphasizes the importance of know the origin of the vehicle, since many have already been imported previously and registered in Spain, so their records abroad are erased during the process. It is vital to always check the car’s history before purchasing it to avoid unpleasant surprises.

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