1,300 cc, 200 HP and a Hayabusa engine, the most beastly quad you have ever seen

This is not the first nor the last time that a Hayabusa engine becomes the key piece in a restoration, preparation or modification. It is not the first time that we have echoed this and it is not the first time that we have been amazed by the work and the result.

We “sneak” into Vasily’s workshop, a true lover of the Hayabusa engine and who also knows how to tinker with it to get all the power possible out of it. No matter what he proposes, with talent, material and knowledge, we see that he is skilled enough to shape the project.

This time he decided to take a Hayabusa engine and place it inside a Yamaha Raptor that had lost its own engine. In fact, the creation process is documented through two videos in which we see the adventures of good old Vasily.

But he was not satisfied with adding the engine, which obviously looks bulky and big inside the Raptor that he had to modify to accommodate, he decided that he was going to add a turbo to the Hayabusa engine.

Putting in the Hayabusa engine was not enough, it must have a turbo!

Curiously, Suzuki Hayabusa preparations often include either compressors or turbos that give it more power. And, as it could not be otherwise, in the second phase of preparation Vasily decided to put a turbo in his engine.

As we mentioned before, the space inside the Raptor is limited, so the youtuber had to design and create the system so that it ended up being placed in front of the protections. The time-lapse work shows that it was nothing simple, although Vasily’s expertise was once again demonstrated.

He also prepared an aluminum gas tank, although he did need help to finish it off. And no matter how much knowledge you have, sometimes the tools are not enough to achieve what you want.

He still has to finish transforming the Raptor with a Hayabusa engine, but things are promising and it sounds luxurious!

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